Shoot to Kill -
Nation-States Line Up to the New SS World Order -
Attacking the Democratic Constitutions

“Every day you do not act against them, the Elite enacts plans against you, and laughs at your apathy. Educate yourself. Don’t rely on the mass media. ‘No matter how far you have travelled down the wrong road, turn back’ (Turkish Proverb)” -- Jordan Thornton

“This war will put a millstone of debt around the necks of the producing classes of every country. It will grind them to degrading slavery. It will make the monetary power more powerful and opulent than ever. All who remain alive from the slaughter will toil to pay the parasitical classes annual tribute for the money invested in blood. All wars--all international wars--are the instruments by which iniquities re-establish their crumbling thrones, by dissipating on battlefields the human virility that threatened their existence” -- Frank Anstey, an Australian opponent of conscription (the draft) in the early part of the 20th century. (Emphasis added).

“This world without borders can only be created through erection of a global police state that would stifle humanity. It is being driven from the top down and that is exactly how it will rule” -- Joe Sansone in an article entitled, ‘The Bilderberg Group’

“… The sovereign power structure … has no interest in money, law, equity or justice because they have so much wealth already. [“The group of extremely powerful private persons hold total assets of about $300 trillion and intend to legitimise their power under a new global government.” See A Picture of the Stars and A Voice from the Ethers Menu]. Their [next] lust is for [total] power and control. Since the inception of central banking, they have controlled the fates of nations [and now they have (long) set their sights on the entire world -- New World]” -- Congressman James Traficant (D-Ohio). (Emphasis added).

I. Steps to Fascism in the Presence of Democracy

A. First Destroy the Country Financially

1. “The Bankruptcy of the United States” -- by Congressman James Traficant (D-Ohio), United States Congressional Record, March 17, 1993

B. Create an Event or Catastrophe to Which You Can React to, then Provide Your Own Solution that Suits Your Own Designs

2. “Diocletian’s Problem-Reaction-Solution” by Paul Joseph Watson

a. “War on Terror is Smokescreen to Distract from Main Event” by

C. Have Your Domestic and Foreign Policy Ready to Go

“Shortly after September 11, the Congress of the United States was able to draft and introduce an Anti-Terrorism Bill, which was 151 pages long. How could such a huge Bill be formulated in such a short time, covering so vast an area of matters? UNLESS, of course, the Bill was drafted long in advance of the attacks, and merely introduced afterwards.”

3. “The NWO: Implementation Through Crisis Management” by Scribe

“… Cheney hunkered in a bunker somewhere, and everyone presumably in a state of shock at the unexpected calamity [on that fateful day of September 11] but, Henry Kissinger is able to articulate in careful, composed tones the overall structure of the US response, from which there has been no official deviation since.”

a. “Henry the Great on September 11” by I. Berg

D. Under All Circumstances, Stay Secret - the Media are With You

“The fact that international power brokers meet regularly in secret to plot out the destiny of the world would outrage millions of Americans if they were being informed about it. The problem is that most people have never even heard of the Bilderberg Group and don’t even know that it exists.”

4. “The Bilderberg Group” by Joe Sansone

a. “Bilderberg Meeting Due - American Media Should be Ashamed” by Victor Thorn

II. Nation-States Joining in on the Band Wagon of the Global SS

“Totalitarian regimes blur the line between politics and crime so that any oppositional politics may be defined as a crime” --…

“Things are about to get tighter, and that can only result in civil war, is that what they are aiming for? Or just a purely fascist state that even Hitler would be proud of?” -- Ingrid Rimland

Do they think we’ll just lie down and die? There are too many of “us” for “them.” Plus, we’re not as dumb as we were in the last century. A warning to those who collaborate with and serve the fascist lords of tyranny.

“Vengeance is Best Served Cold” - by Steven James Blake

“We didn't die in all of the wars previously so scum like you can piss all over everything we built, and the values we hold dear, like freedom of speech, freedom of religion, right to assemble, the bill of rights, equality, fair play in business practices, justice based on truth, respect for fellow human beings, living a honest life, not being a hypocrite, living in a democracy, respecting others’ rights, civil society based on democratic census, professional human police forces beholden to their constituency. And so on” -- Steven James Blake, citizen of the world and New Hampshire's Live Free or Die state of the United States.


1. “The New ‘Anti-Terror’ Laws: Will the Coalition/ALP Put YOU in a Concentration Camp?” by the Citizens Electoral Council

a. “Terror Laws Copy Hitler’s 1933 Emergency Decree” by Jean Robinson

b. “LaRouche: British Monarchy’s Privy Council Behind Fascist ‘Anti-Terror’ Laws” by Craig Isherwood

c. “Anti-Terrorism Legislation - Australia” by various


2. “Canada’s Globalization, Militarization And Police State Agenda” by Rocco Galati

a. “Liberty vs. Security” by Connie Fogal


3. The Future of Street Protest - Shoot to Kill - The Dire Model of Things to Come. An article and call to action by demokrati

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