Will the Coalition/ALP Put YOU in a Concentration Camp?

On March 21, the Howard government rammed through the House of Representatives a series of 8 “anti-terror” bills, which, together with previous state and federal laws, and accompanying ministerial decrees, are an almost identical copy of the infamous Notverordnung (emergency decree) of Feb. 28, 1933, by which Hitler established the Nazi dictatorship. The bills may be voted on by the Senate as early as May 14.

In 1933, the excuse was the Reichstag Fire, arranged by the Nazis themselves; this time the provocation was Sept. 11. As the physical economist and U.S. Presidential candidate Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. has demonstrated, Sept. 11 was not done by bin Laden, but by a rogue faction of the U.S. military command itself, with the intention of ushering in a “Clash of Civilisations” of the type called for by Zbigniew Brzezinski and Samuel Huntington. The Anglo-American financial oligarchy is terrified that it may lose its power in the global financial crash now unfolding, and is pushing for wars and dictatorships to manipulate and control the global strategic situation.

The only difference between Hitler’s Notverordnung, and the Notverordnung of Howard and the ALP, is that Hitler had to wait until after his emergency decree, to build his concentration camps. And, if you thought that all these concentration camps, including the new ones now being built with electrified fences, were just for refugees, and were perhaps even happy about that, you may well be hung by your own prejudices. You say, “It can’t happen here”? That’s precisely what the Germans said in the 1930s Depression.

Under these proposed new laws, if you belong to a trade union; are in any way politically active, or ever thought about becoming so; or were associated with Pauline Hanson, for instance, or any “left” or “rightwing” cause; or if you disagree with globalisation, and have ever expressed this disagreement over the telephone or by e-mail, let alone publicly, then you may be arrested without cause, detained without a lawyer, and ultimately imprisoned for 5 years, 25 years, or even life, under the proposed new legislation. If you think we exaggerate, just read the legislation, and similar legislation passed over the past two years.

Hitler’s Notverordnung

Hitler’s emergency decree provided for Schutzhaft (“protective custody”), which allowed the Nazis to imprison people without judicial proceedings, and for the Reich (the central government under Hitler) to take over any German states which were “unable to restore public order”, which they could not do because the Nazi Brownshirts were rampaging through the streets. Regarding personal liberties, the emergency decree ripped up the safeguards in the existing Weimar constitution. The key paragraph of Hitler’s emergency decree read:

“Restrictions on personal liberty, on the right of free expression of opinion, including freedom of the press; on the rights of assembly and association; and violations of the privacy of postal, telegraphic and telephonic communications and warrants for house searches, orders for confiscations as well as restrictions on property, are also permissible beyond the legal limits otherwise prescribed.”

Howard’s Notverordnung

Now, compare those Nazi powers to the ones established by the new “anti-terror” bills, on top of the similar, already-passed or pending state and federal legislation cited below. The bills are:

The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation Legislation Amendment (Terrorism) Bill 2002; the Border Security Legislation Amendment Bill 2002; the Criminal Code Amendment (Espionage and Related Offences) Bill 2002; the Criminal Code Amendment (Suppression of Terrorist Bombings) Bill 2002; the Security Legislation Amendment (Terrorism) Bill 2002; the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism Bill 2002; and the Telecommunications Interception Legislation Amendment Bill 2002; the Criminal Code Amendment (Anti-hoax and Other Measures) Act 2002.

The last of these has already passed both houses, and is now law. Among other heinous provisions, these bills:

1) establish a new offence of “terrorism” using vaguely-worded, catch-all phrases, including “likely to endanger the security or integrity of the Commonwealth or another country”, the term “security” having been substituted for the previous term “safety”, allowing extremely broad new applications, as Attorney General Daryl Williams has himself stressed. For instance, as a representative of Williams just confirmed in questioning by a Senate committee, cutting a lock in a recent demonstration at Woomera would be counted as “terrorism” under this new law, which would draw 25 year-to-life prison sentences, and the laws may be applied retroactively. Union activity, civil disobedience, dissent and even normal political organising can be classified as “terrorist”.

2) empower the Attorney General to ban any organisation he feels like, whether or not that organization had previously been convicted or even charged with anything, just like the Nazis banned the Communist Party, all Jewish organisations, the trade unions, the press, and then all political parties except the Nazi Party. Any individual judged to be associated with a banned organisation may be jailed for 25 years.

3) provide, as did Hitler’s decree, for Schutzhaft (protective custody), i.e. you may be picked up by ASIO and held incommunicado indefinitely, without a lawyer, and without the right to remain silent. Should you fail to produce something, such as a document, which the government rightly or wrongly claims you have, you may be sent to jail for five years. You do not need to be suspected of terrorism to be picked up, only that you might have some information about terrorism or terrorists. Journalists or lawyers would be major targets, and attorney/client privilege would be effectively eliminated.

4) provides for controlling the mails, and for untrammeled wiretapping and spying on people, just like Hitler’s Notverordnung. The already-passed Criminal Code Amendment (Anti-hoax and Other Measures) Act 2002, for instance, specifies a two-year prison term for “a person to use a postal or like service in such a way as would be regarded by a reasonable person…as menacing, harassing or offensive…[that] would make a person apprehensive as to his or her safety or well-being or the safety of his or her property, as well as containing offensive or abusive language or derogatory religious racial or sexual connotations.” Under this legislation, anyone mailing material warning of the dire effects of globalisation, for instance, could be judged guilty of making someone “apprehensive”. “Terrorist acts” also include “serious interference with or destruction of electronic systems, done with the intention of advancing a political, religious or ideological cause.” One prominent lawyer, Greg Carne of the University of Tasmania, has noted that “organised and persistent protest tactics by community pressure groups to flood politicians with e-mails, faxes, and phone calls could fall under this legislation.” Additionally, in October then-Defence Minister Peter Reith drastically widened the Defence Signals Directorate’s powers to spy on Australians within Australia, for purposes of “maintaining Australia’s economic well-being”, “promoting Australia’s foreign relations”, “preventing or investigating…a serious crime, or “responding to the apparent threat to the safety of a person.” These clauses are elastic enough that they could be stretched to cover almost anything. Before, Australians could only be spied on if they were working for a foreign power.

In addition to these sweeping powers, consider those in the following legislation, which is only a partial list of the Nazi-modeled laws passed by state and federal governments over the past two years:

The Defense Legislation Amendment (Aid to Civilian Authorities) Act 2000. (passed, September 2000). It allows Australian defense forces to enter buildings without a warrant, to cordon off areas, to erect barricades, and to stop traffic to search and seize people and property, and to use “lethal force” (i.e. to kill Australian citizens) if “domestic violence” flares, or if the “Commonwealth’s interests” are threatened. The Coalition/ALP gang refused to accept even a one-line amendment which would have forbidden the army to shoot “people engaged in peaceful protest or civil disobedience.”

The Border Protection Bill 2001. (passed) Ostensibly written to protect Australia’s borders, “The bill was intended to override all other laws”, as the AFR noted on Aug. 31, 2001. That provision caused such an uproar that the ALP could not be seen to be passing it, so that particular clause was cut out, but the legislation stands.

Western Australian “anti-bikie” legislation. (passed the lower house, now before the Senate) WA’s Gallop Labor government seized on a suspected bikie slaying of a retired police detective, Don Hancock, in Sept. 2001, to ram through the lower house of the state parliament a series of laws that experts decry as some of the most draconian in the western world, and which are being put forth as a national model. These bills allow the police to conduct searches without warrants, seize documents (including legal files), and dismantle “fortifications” (including private houses).

Victorian Y2K emergency laws. The most sweeping laws in Australia’s history were passed in Victoria in late 1999, to deal with “Y2K”—a crisis which never existed. They allowed authorities to ration food, to requisition any citizen or machinery for an indefinite period of time, to impose fines of up to $1 million or imprisonment for three years for anyone not complying with an officer the under the law, to give blanket immunity to an official acting under the law, and so on. As Liberal Party leader Denis Napthine admitted, the minister “will be able to do virtually anything.” Even ALP Minister for Transport Peter Batchelor, introducing the legislation, admitted that “the powers given to the minister are so broad as to be almost draconian.” The law had a sunset clause terminating most (though not all) of its clauses in June 2001, but a chilling precedent has been set.

Federal gun control legislation. From the perspective of all of the above laws, look back at the draconian gun control legislation rammed through in the wake of the intelligence services-rigged mass murder by Martin Bryant at Port Arthur in 1996, or at the present move to round up most remaining guns, this time handguns.

All of the above are already enough to make Hitler green with envy. But additional legislation, such as the Measures to Combat Serious and Organised Crime Act passed last year, permits the government to use “controlled operations” (i.e. “stings” and entrapment, including manufacturing false documents) almost without limit. Thus, it is the easiest thing in the world for the government to simply manufacture the “evidence” under which any of the above may be applied against a targeted group or individual.

The Establishment is terrified

As horrifying as these actual and proposed laws are, keep mind that they are being rammed through—usually with full agreement between the Coalition and the ALP--not because these widely-despised “major” parties, or the Establishment which finances them, are in a strong position, but because they are in a very weak position, and are terrified of what an aroused population might do under conditions of deepening depression. But, instead of police states to enforce the present dying globalist monetary system, the world needs to return to the principles of sovereignty, national banking, protectionism, etc. which characterised the old Bretton Woods system from 1945 until the 1960s, and which U.S. physical economist and Presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche has outlined in his New Bretton Woods proposal. For Australia, we need a series of great infrastructure projects in water, high-speed rail and shipping, space, nuclear power, and greatly expanded and rebuilt health and education systems, to launch an economic recovery, as elaborated in the New Citizen newspaper of Feb. 2002.

Here’s How You Can Fight These Nazi Laws

Phone, fax or email SIMON CREAN as well as all ALP Senators and demand that they repudiate the fascist police-state laws coming before the Senate on May 14. They have the power to stop them, if they vote with the minor parties. Everybody should call Crean, all ALP Senators in their state, and their local, or closest ALP MP. ALP Senators contact details are listed below, however for all other Senators and House of Representative Members, see our website: www.cecaust.com.au

ALP Senators:

Sen. Kate Lundy ACT 02-6230-0411 02-6230-0413 Senator.Lundy@aph.gov.au

Sen. Michael Forshaw NSW 02-9545-3112 02-9545-3119 Senator.Forshaw@aph.gov.au

Sen. Steve Hutchins NSW 02-9687-4600 02-9687-4604 Senator.Hutchins@aph.gov.au

Sen. Sue West NSW 02-6361-7211 02-6362-7396 Senator.West@aph.gov.au

Sen. George Campbell NSW 02-9251-4833 02-9251-6087 Senator.George.Campbell@aph.gov.au

Hon. Sen. John Faulkner NSW 02-9719-8100 02-9719-8078 Senator.Faulkner@aph.gov.au

Sen.Trish Crossin NT 08-8931-0830 08-8931-0513 Senator.Crossin@aph.gov.au

Sen. Jan McLucas QLD 07-4031-6009 07-4031-6167 Senator.McLucas@aph.gov.au

Sen. Joe Ludwig QLD 07-3804-6022 07-3804-6033 Senator.Ludwig@aph.gov.au

Sen. Robert Hogg QLD 07-3843-4066 07-3843-4077 Senator.Hogg@aph.gov.au

Sen. Brenda Gibbs QLD 07-3282-8744 07-3282-8766 Senator.Gibbs@aph.gov.au

Hon. Sen. Nick Bolkus SA 08-8352-7477 08-8234-1165 Senator.Bolkus@aph.gov.au

Hon. Sen. Rosemary Crowley SA 08-8211-7933 08-8231-6535 Senator.Crowley@aph.gov.au

Hon. Sen. Chris Schacht SA 08-8344-8766 08-8344-9355 Senator.Schacht@aph.gov.au

Sen. Geoffrey Buckland SA 08-8295-2755 08-8295-2952 Senator.Buckland@aph.gov.au

Sen. Sue Mackay TAS 03-6224-4022 03-6224-4030 Senator.Mackay@aph.gov.au

Sen. Kerry O'Brien TAS 03-6334-9366 03-6334-9369

Sen. Shayne Murphy TAS 03-6334-5233 03-6334-5236 Senator.Murphy@aph.gov.au

Hon. Sen. Nick Sherry TAS 03-6424-8241 03-6424-8555 Senator.Sherry@aph.gov.au

Sen. Kay Denman TAS 03-6425-6399 03-6425-6410 Senator.Denman@aph.gov.au

Sen.Robert Ray VIC 03-9804-5630 03-9804-5638 Senator.Ray@aph.gov.au

Sen. Barney Cooney VIC 03-9347-9533 03-9347-7192 Senator.Cooney@aph.gov.au

Sen.Steven Conroy VIC 03-9650-1188 03-9650-3251 Senator.Conroy@aph.gov.au

Sen. Jacinta Collins VIC 03-9800-2055 03-9800-2421 Senator.Jacinta.Collins@aph.gov.au

Sen. Jim McKiernan WA 08-9409-2555 08-9409-2777 Senator.McKiernan@aph.gov.au

Sen. Christopher Evans WA 08-9430-8599 08-9430-8597 Senator.Evans@aph.gov.au

The Hon. Sen. Peter Cook WA 08-9325-6022 08-9325-6081 Senator.Cook@aph.gov.au

Sen. Mark Bishop WA 08-9472-6177 08-9472-6200 Senator.Bishop@aph.gov.au


Parliament House: Tel: (02) 6277 4022 Fax: (02) 6277 8495 S.Crean.MP@aph.gov.au
Electorate Office: Tel: (03) 9545 6211 Fax: (03) 9545 6299
401 Clayton Road, Clayton Vic 316, PO Box 5295, Clayton Vic 3168

For more information, call 1-800 636 432, or visit the CEC Website, www.cecaust.com.au

The New “Anti-Terror” Laws:
Will the Coalition/ALP Put YOU
In a Concentration Camp?
By The Citizens Electoral Council of Australia

2 May 2002

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