1. The Revelation of the Planets on 11 September 2001

-- An article entitled, "An Emergency Call to Lightworkers" by LT

“Asked who was really behind this odious plan, she [Dr Tatyana Koragina] replied that it is not the 19 terrorists identified by the FBI but, rather, a larger group seeking to reshape the world. She said this group of extremely powerful private persons hold total assets of about $300 trillion and intend to legitimise their power under a new global government - From “An Overview of the War on Terrorism” by Jim Marrs. Web Address: www.JimMarrs.com

Dr Tatyana Koragina, a Russian senior research fellow at the Institute of Macroeconomic Researches, part of the Russian Ministry of Economic Development, correctly predicted the 9-11 catastrophe.


Humanity's Liberation Through A Never-Before Unity

Support of and through the metaphysical level of the soul and Universe

An article entitled, "Galactic Update from the Ethers" by The Source

A Further Note: A Discerning Moment in History


"Prophecy from France's Dostoevsky" by S. Morris

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