The terrorist attacks on the United States mark a crucial turning point in world history, the course of which is to be decided by where the focus of the collective consciousness is placed (hence the importance of our participation in choosing the future we wish to focus on and create). Bin Laden is probably not behind these attacks, or even capable of being so, as anyone who is perceptive and up to speed with alternative news will realise. Yet it seems that many people around the world, who have not stopped to question those in authority, have reacted to the blatant propaganda, war-mongering, and staged speeches of these authorities with endorsement and blind acceptance, even in the face of the stark hypocrisy of leaders saying that terrorism is unacceptable when they are preparing to respond to it by using their military might to kill and terrorize people themselves.

We clearly need to take a good look at why violence--the most destructive force that humans are capable of--is so acceptable in our global society. The acceptance and endorsement of violence can only indicate that people are to a large extent living unconsciously, closed off from their spirit and the love that is sleeping in their hearts. When we are unconscious in this way we cannot respond to the rest of life as sacred. Yet the key point is that what we are unconscious of we can become conscious of--that is at least one of the meanings of life.

The crisis before us is indeed a great initiation that is presenting the whole of humanity with an opportunity to change, and so our healing energies and peace-building efforts are going to play an unprecedented part in shaping our collective consciousness at this time. The initiation is really about self-discovery and self-recovery. This means moving out of unconsciousness--in other words waking up!--and recognizing who we really are, and recovering our power and full identity as spiritual beings.

When we create our own reality there is no point trying to blame others or to pretend to be a victim. As unacceptable as this may sound to some, there are actually no victims in the atrocities that have occurred--and may soon occur if there is not a change of consciousness. Realizing this is the first step to reclaiming the power that we have given away. Together, we have created the need for governments and other authorities to abuse the power we have given them, in order for us to learn that nobody can be responsible for us except ourselves. Terrorists and governments that abuse their power only exist because of the society we have created as a result of our loss of power and identity. However, unless we act upon this realization, we will sink into apathy and despair, and back into unconsciousness.

As healers and peace-builders we can take these issues on board and integrate them into our meditations, prayers, and consciousness-raising activities. Focusing on peace will be more effective if part of that focus is on the changes of consciousness required for this peace to manifest. These changes of consciousness necessarily involve the beginning of the recovery of our power and identity--on a physical and spiritual level.

Other suggestions for our work involve developing and maintaining clarity. For this it is crucial that we remain centered in our own power and identity--in other words that we stand strong in our light and integrity--and are not hooked into a disempowering or gloomy reality through the force of the media and the actions and reactions of those around us. The fear and anger that has been stirred up by the media and the display of propaganda by authorities can easily obscure the clarity of vision that everyone on the planet needs at this time. Therefore, it is suggested that a high priority of our healing will be to focus on clarifying information, de-escalating hyped-up tensions and emotions, and clearing the subtle energetic fields of our planet--which are now probably littered with unhelpful thought-forms.

For anyone who does not know how to heal energy fields, there are several approaches to take, and you will eventually find your own right way of working. But basically these approaches involve using coherent and higher vibrational energies to transform discordant energy fields or thought-forms through the power of loving intention and the surrender to the highest aspect of your spirituality. By going into an altered state of awareness and scanning areas of the world, one can get a sense of where energetic healing is required. You may see the thought-forms or clouds of negative energy, may feel suddenly uneasy when you are scanning a particular area, or you may simply be guided in your internal landscape to the right place. Other people work with the power of resonance by visualising archetypes that represent certain aspects of human experience, and check to see if they are complete and undistorted. As you begin the healing it can be helpful to visualize an intense and radiant light cleansing, charging, and restoring the planet's subtle energetic field into a healthy state, and to add a prayer for the recognition of the spiritual lesson behind what is being cleared for those responsible for it.

2. Astrological Analysis

The astrology of the time we are in is quite revealing and draws out the themes that are dominating us at this moment.

Three days before the terrorist attack, Mars entered Capricorn--the sign of structure, authority, and responsibility, preparing us for a lesson in the responsible use of will. Three days later, two of the most dominant structures of American society and culture--the World Trade Center and the Pentagon--were attacked, killing thousands of people in an astonishing acting out of the negative expression of Mars in Capricorn. These structures as key centers of political and economic power are highly symbolic, and for this reason their attack was calculated to undermine the security of the American people in the most profound way. This is revealed by the position of Mars on September 11, which, through an opposition, triggered the sensitive eclipse-point in Cancer that was set up by the Total Solar Eclipse of June 21. Cancer represents security and domestic affairs, and on September 11 it was America's domestic security that felt threatened for the first real time since Pearl Harbor.

It is important that this attack on national security is not used as a reason for restricting civil liberties or excusing military attacks. It could be used to justify a lot of political maneuvering on a national and international level that the people of America would otherwise not have accepted. Interestingly, the feeling of threatened security was articulated by NATO, which issued an unusual propaganda statement effectively equating an attack on America was an attack on NATO, which may suggest a hidden global agenda that the world does not yet know about.

At the time that the first attack on the World Trade Center occurred, Mercury was exactly conjunct the Ascendant in Libra--as if the event was timed for maximum public exposure. This kind of alignment in the chart of a world event is guaranteed to affect people worldwide through what they see and hear, and explains the heavy media involvement in sensitising people around the world to these events. The decision of the media outlets to broadcast images of people jumping from windows, and of the world Trade center being struck from all available angles, as well as playing the last-minute telephone conversations of the victims--as if an action movie for Hollywood was being filmed--shows just how deeply and unsparing of human dignity their involvement was, and for this reason we must take extra care not to be sucked into the emotional drama that is being manufactured on top of this already tragic event. The positive expression of this alignment is that it will help to focus our awareness on the importance of human relations, and will additionally encourage the networking of positive information among people.

On September 11, Venus, the ruler of Libra (and therefore of the chart for this terrorist attack), was in Leo in opposition to Uranus in Aquarius. This indicates great disruption to the way that people relate. Uranus, which represents sudden disruptions and shocks, also rules aircraft flights. Amazingly, Venus was also exactly on the August 11 eclipse-point of 1999, triggering energies to do with the way that power is expressed in relationships. The combination of these two alignments reinforces the fact that we are facing a crisis and an opportunity in the way that we relate individually and as a global society. The Equinox on September 22 - 23, which marks the entry of the Sun into Libra, will highlight this issue further, and so will be an important time to focus on how we want human relationships to progress. There is great potential to awaken to new forms of relationships through this crisis. However, the chart for September 11 suggests that we must work hard to ensure that through this crisis relationships are not disrupted beyond recovery (relations with the Middle East and China will be critical), while staying open to the positive side of disruption, which is often part of the healing process as the hurts of individuals and nations are brought to the surface to be dealt with. If further disruption does occur as part of the healing process, it is important not to then suppress this healing opportunity by allowing the imposition of extreme authoritarian measures--such as the creation of oppressive global institutions--but to instead develop support structures to facilitate the healing. Regardless of how events unfold, we can all begin right now to create supportive healing structures for human relations by holding a positive vision for the healing of human relations in our meditations, prayers, and hearts, and to feel this vision manifesting as the most probable future in our lives.

On September 11, Pluto, the planet that represents power and transformation, triggered its own memory of the opposition it formed to Saturn on August 5, by returning to the same degree of the zodiac. This opposition tells all. It reveals lessons to do with the responsible use of power, and suggests the destructive use of power (Pluto) by an authority (Saturn), echoing the placement of Mars (will) in Capricorn (authority). A strong case has been made in the alternative media for the terrorist attack being perpetrated by powers inside the United States. This case would certainly be supported by the heavy use of propaganda, the dogged determination to pin the blame on Bin Laden, the "convenient" deployment by the UK only two weeks ago of the biggest naval force to the Gulf since the Falklands War, and the alleged plans of oil companies to build a pipeline through Afghanistan. The signs in which the Saturn-Pluto opposition occurred suggest that propaganda is playing a large part in the crisis. One of the negative expressions of Pluto in Sagittarius is to do with manipulating belief systems, including religion. This is probably why Bin Laden has been presented as the prime suspect--whether he is responsible for the attacks or not. Pluto in Sagittarius is also about the manipulation of truth. By opposing Saturn in Gemini, the potential for authorities to distort the truth in their communications is increased.

The lesson is for us to think for ourselves, and to not hand our responsibility for knowing the truth over to external authorities--whether they be governments, education systems, media outlets, or religious institutions. Throughout history this single act has caused many in the world to become disconnected from their inner source of wisdom, and to reject that which is not consistent with the materialistic worldview. Pluto's position in Sagittarius at this time, along with a Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius in December, and the passage of Chiron (the Wounded Healer) through Sagittarius and over the Galactic Center several times this year, suggests that there is a great opportunity for truths to be realized by humanity. The more that we can offer ourselves as channels for spiritual energies, and work on our own spiritual development, the easier it becomes for others to awaken to their inner truth, for we create the resonance for this to happen. With Saturn passing through Gemini and linking to Pluto through the opposition, the responsibility for how we think and communicate could not be a more important lesson at this time. Clear, open, and honest communication is also one of the important factors for conflicts to be resolved, so focusing on this in our meditations, and seeking to ensure that this factor is incorporated in the communication we are involved in, will lay important groundwork for world peace and healing.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the two Grand Trines that were interlocking to form an almost perfect six-pointed star on September 16-17. The descending triangle, made up of Saturn in Gemini, Uranus in Aquarius, and Mercury in Libra, is to do with the positive breakup of old thought-patterns, with the help of Aquarian energies, so that new vision can be grounded in our world. The ascending triangle, make up of Venus in Leo, Chiron in Sagittarius, and Midheaven in Aries, represents the healing of human relations as a result of living our truth, and can also represent, in the words of Kiara Windrider, "the ascent of the wounded feminine".

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20 September 2001
An Emergency Call to Lightworkers

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