Anthrax spore proven to belong to CIA. Microbiologists killed globally in months after 9.11. Bin Laden seen talking to CIA 2 months before 9.11. Bush family, Nazis, Bayer chemicals (makers of Anthrax vaccine) all linked. War is smokescreen to distract from terrifying main event. BE ALARMED.

The following are extracts from a weird web page If you have ever suspected that there may be a grand conspiracy taking place on this planet or that a small select group of men (the Illuminati, The Elite, The Majestic Twelve etc, call “them” what you want) actually control the entire planet, then I recommend that you check out the Crisis Insight articles on this web page. You can view the full Crisis Insight Four article from this page as part two of this news publication, which I strongly advise that you do if you value your life, with regard to what the true “main event” is. Scroll up the Indymedia newswire list to find it.


Since receiving the body of information that was sent to me in Sept 1999, from the person using the pseudonym of "Nio", I have had to research into many areas. Initially and ultimately, that research concerns the distant past. However since the events of 9.11 and the realisation that "Nio" had predicted those events in 1999, my research has been in more current areas.

In the Crisis Updates I have told you that Nio said that the hierarchy manipulated the modern day world through their control of the Oil and Chemical industries, The Arms Trade and Banking. Nio's exact comment in the 1999 letters was that the hierarchy would engineer a terrible catastrophe shortly with the intention of generating money for the projects necessary for their own survival of The Main Event and as a smoke screen to cover those preparations.

I have suggested that they orchestrated the events of 9.11, using their operative wing, the CIA and explained the reasons why they did it. I spoke of the French news report that was suppressed in Britain and America, that reported that a high ranking CIA operative had visited Bin Laden during his stay at THE AMERICAN HOSPITAL in Dubai, in July last year, a mere two months before 9.11. Suggesting once again that he still works for them. (To view the original French article press here.) (Press the "back" button on your computer to return to this page.)

The first reason we have is the obvious acquisition of Afghanistan allowing the hierarchy to get their hands on both the Afghan Oil resources and the control of the other oil resources in the area, totaling billions of dollars worth of extra revenue. As has been noted on these pages, the Bush family has a very personal stake in this new oil revenue, being major shareholders of the companies that will benefit the companies of the hierarchy.

Secondly the War on Terrorism has given them the justification to rob us of our civil liberties and to monitor us all. It seems this has already taken place with the rushing through of numerous anti terrorist laws.

Once before on this page, we have illustrated another way that the hierarchy are using this war to milk money out of our fear. I have voiced the opinion on this page that I believe that the hierarchy themselves organised the posting of the Anthrax letters using the CIA, in order to generate a world wide panic buying of the Anthrax antibiotic Cipro' as well as numerous other preventative measures purchased from the hierarchies Chemical Companies.


Well it's been an interesting month in World affairs.

On March 14, 2002, BBC2's excellent "Newsnight" programme featured a top female American scientist called Barbara Rosenburg from the Federation of American Scientists. Ms Rosenburg was standing up and going public about the fact that she had been covertly approached by both the FBI and the White House and asked not speak about what she knew with regard to the Anthrax mailer and the FBI's investigation to locate him or her.

The knowledge that they were apparently trying to suppress was that three weeks before this, the FBI had suddenly gone silent about its findings. The findings showed that the particular Anthrax spore that was used had been traced back to the CIA!!!

Remember Troothmoot's comments in the article Crisis Insight Three on November 10, 2001 at, claiming that the Anthrax mailer would be found to be linked to the CIA? And that the CIA is the operative wing of the Hierarchy and the Anthrax scare was organised specifically to generate money for one of the Hierarchy's chemical companies; Bayer chemicals who hold the sole world patent for the Anthrax anti-biotic Cipro'.

NB. Isn't it strange how the Anthrax mailer suddenly stopped once Bayer chemicals had already supplied all the terrified nations of the world with the Anthrax anti-biotic at a vastly over inflated price? The generic version of the same anti-biotic can be produced at a quarter of the price that Bayer charged but no other companies in the world are allowed to do so because Bayer holds the world patent.

Bayer, as detailed in Crisis Insight Four is a subsidiary of the former chemical giant I.G. Farben who sponsored Hitler into power and committed numerous atrocities against the Jews. (See Crisis Insight Four for full story on I.G. Farben and its subsidiaries, Bayer, BASF, and Hoescht which is now called Aventis.

Co-incidentally it is Aventis that makes the highly contentious MMR vaccine. It is now illegal not to have your child vaccinated with the MMR jab in the US and in Britain, doctors have their National Health funds withheld unless they insure that all the children that they tend to are vaccinated with the sinister MMR vaccine. This is despite the fact that there are now many cases that confirm that the MMR jab can create Autism in the child vaccinated. Of course the MMR jab is being championed by the British government -- still doubt that the Hierarchy are in control of us all?

It transpires according to the female scientist Barbara Rosenburg, that whilst the American government has been telling it's public that it does not participate in the development of chemical warfare, the CIA have been and are, conducting at least three separate covert experiments with Anthrax spore in the Nevada Desert, and in one of those experiments the spore has been genetically engineered to make it more deadly.

Troothmoot would like to applaud the courage of Barbara Rosenburg in out smarting the FBI and the White House and going public before the CIA could quietly remove her, as it would appear that they have done with many other microbiologists since the 9.11 event and the advent of the Anthrax mailman.

The following extracts are taken from an article in The Sunday Express newspaper published in Britain on March 24, 2002 and written by Yvonne Ridley in Sydney and Gordon Thomas.

"British Intelligence services are leading a world wide investigation into the mystery deaths of a group of scientists who were all involved with "Doomsday" projects.

The sudden death of Soviet defector Vladimir Pasechnik, who conducted most of his research from top-secret laboratories in the UK, sent alarm bells ringing among his MI6 handlers.

They felt his "fatal stroke" was too much of a co-incidence following the unexpected deaths - all within a matter of weeks - of other top microbiologists in Australia and America who were also involved in chemical and biological warfare research.

Another five microbiologists died in October 2001 when their commercial flight from Tel Aviv to Siberia was accidentally shot down by a Ukranian surface to air missile. This incident is also being investigated.

The Israeli team's shadowy projects focused on biochemical experiments designed to wipe out entire populations. Their work was so secret that it remains unpublished and many of their findings will have gone with them to the grave." (Moot comment: "Except for the copies of their findings held by the CIA.")

"Both MI6 and their American counterparts privately suspect a hit squad from Chinese intelligence may have wiped out the scientists after failing to persuade them to hand over their findings."

(Troothmoot comment: "Oh yeah right! They can't put Russia in the frame anymore to cover up their own dirty dealings as Russia is now on the side of the rampant capitalist team so let's blame the Chinese!

Shall we just get real here for a minute. Any country trying to lure away scientists is not going to kill them off in a fit of pique just because they refused. That country would go on increasing its lure in the hope that one day that scientist might succumb. Something that the scientist is not going to be able to do if he's dead!")

"An American undercover source, (Moot comment: "Who no doubt has to conveniently remain anonymous.") said, 'We do know that Chinese Intelligence approached several of these scientists and tried to persuade them to work for Beijing.

There are other common threads. It is just too much of a co-incidence that a group of scientists involved in such remote fields of research all die within weeks of each other. (Moot comment: "All within the weeks after the 9.11 event and during the Anthrax scare and the hunt for the person mailing the letters.") They may have worked thousands of miles apart but they all knew of each others existence.'"

"The aforementioned Soviet defector Vladimir Pasechnik who died suddenly from a fatal stroke worked at Porton Down in the most restricted of the British Government's laboratories.

He was found dead on November 2, 2001 at his home in a village near Salisbury. A stroke was blamed as the cause of death but the Sunday Express has now learned a secret post mortem examination was also conducted by an MI5 pathologist. A media blackout was imposed for seven days following his death.

But Dr Leonard Horowitz, a US specialist in poisons, said: "There are a number of nerve agents that can mimic a stroke and leave no traces."

Australian Intelligence is reinvestigating the death on December 10, 2001, of Dr Set Van Nguyen, 44, who was working at the Animal Health Laboratory at Geelong, Melbourne. His team had created a new variant of the smallpox virus.

US agencies are probing the death on December 21, 2001, of Don Wiley, 46, a top molecular biologist who was researching infectious diseases. Some of his work involved biological warfare and he shared research with Mr Pasechnik. He was found dead in a rental car in Memphis, Tennessee and initially suicide was suspected.

Dr Robert Schwatz, 53, a distinguished bio-physicist was found murdered at his isolated farmhouse near [L]eesburg, Virginia, on December 12, 2001. He had been stabbed and some of his scientific papers had been rifled.

Dr Benito Que, a cell biologist working on a bio-warfare programme was clubbed to death on November 12, 2001, by four men near his laboratory in Miami, Florida. The killers have not been traced. Dr Que had met Mr Pasechnik several times at bio-medical conferences."


Now I strongly advise you to read the full Crisis Insight Four article on the Indymedia newswire, published as Part Two of this article.

War on Terror is Smokescreen
To Distract from Main Event

Posted on the Independent Newswire on 29 April 2002

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