On May 1, U.S. 2004 Presidential pre-candidate Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. gave an international Webcast, broadcast live from Washington, D.C., with the participation of former high-level officials of the Clinton Administration, the Congressional Black Caucus of the U.S. House of Representatives, the United Nations diplomatic community in New York, and distinguished representatives of many nations worldwide. The theme of the Webcast, entitled "The Middle East Blowback Effect", was the danger of a new worldwide "Clash of Civilisations", which is desired by the Anglo-American financial oligarchy to deal with a rapidly-deepening world depression. Such a clash could be triggered in the near term by Israeli Prime Minister Sharon's genocide against the Palestinians, and a possible expansion of Israeli actions, against Iraq. LaRouche also developed at length, the unique historical nature of the United States as a constitutional republic, and what the real United States is as a "temple of hope" and "beacon of liberty" to the world, as opposed to its present tendencies to mimic imperial Rome, financially and militarily.

Near the end of the four-hour Webcast, Craig Isherwood, national secretary of the Citizens Electoral Council of Australia, asked Mr. LaRouche about the new "anti-terror" laws being proposed in Australia:

Isherwood: Greetings from Australia. Within the last several months we have seen a dramatic step-up by the Howard Liberal government to ram through absolutely draconian fascist laws under the guise of fighting "terrorism," particularly after Sept. 11, but also before Sept. 11.

These laws are identical, line by line, with Hitler's February 28, 1933 Emergency Decree, which established his dictatorship.

Howard has introduced laws that:

· Can jail people for 25 years to life for such activities as union activity, civil disobedience, dissent or normal political organizing under the pretext of being defined as "terrorism"; Ban any organization it wants to;

· Hold people incommunicado, and without the right to remain silent, indefinitely;

· Allow spy organizations to use unlimited wire-tapping on people;

· Use lethal force and kill Australian citizens, "if domestic violence flares"; and

· The untrammeled use of agents provocateurs to set organizations and groups up.

Now these laws are not being introduced from a position of strength, but from the fact that the political parties in this country are hated, and falling apart. The two major parties are actually seen as the same and are a hollow shell.

Top Civil Rights lawyers have stated, that these laws are not necessary. We already have the necessary laws to deal with any genuine terrorist problem.

We know it is the global financial collapse which is driving these desperate moves, but it is also the hysterical freak-out of your influence on this continent through our work down here.

We would really like to hear what you have to say about this matter and others on the Australian Continent.

Mr. LaRouche:

Well, some people looking at Australia and these curious events down there say that you know, that Australia has a lot of marsupials, and a couple of monotremes as well, and perhaps that that accounts for the kind of politicians that are trying to push this stuff through. They've just, they've got, it's in the pouch, so to speak. Other people may think that this is probably a reflection of the imperial power of the Emperor Rupert Murdoch, whose de-pressed association has some power in that country. And as a matter of fact, Rupert Murdoch is [pushing] a lot of this stuff. We have a Murdoch in the United States, so watch out.

But essentially, the thing is run through an organization called the British Monarchy's Privy Council. All of the operations, while they have many fronts, are actually run, to my knowledge, and to the knowledge of people down there, by members of the Privy Council. Now, one thing to understand about this--now of course, this is Australia, which the British hate very much, and they think it's a bunch of escaped prisoners or something--you know how they are; they're very backward, they don't keep their history straight.

But in any case, what we [Americans] don't understand, and we should understand as Americans, that our Constitutional system is superior to anything that ever actually developed in Europe. The nearest approximation was the reform of the Fifth Republic by President Charles de Gaulle. But never, never did a European country, establish a true sovereign nation-state republic. What happened in Europe was largely under the impact of the American Revolution, was certain reforms in parliamentary forms of government, which were essentially monarchical forms of government, in which the basic feudal form of monarchy was preserved. You had a parliament, which originally was the adviser to a monarchy, and a monarch. The monarchs have generally gone, since then, but monarchs have been replaced by a President who performs the, holds the office of a monarch, but is not a monarch. He has no monarchical authority whatsoever. Even Chirac has no monarchical authority. He's controlled by a council of powers which control the state apparatus. Then you have a Parliament. Now, any time the Parliament gets in its mind to do something that the state apparatus doesn't like, the Parliament is thrown into a crisis, and you have a parliamentary crisis which overthrows the government, and you get a new Prime Minister, and a new set of laws. That's the way it's run.

The way this is run in Britain, for example, is through the Privy Council. Now, the Queen nominally has no powers to speak of, except to read the teleprompter at certain annual occasions before the Parliament. But the Queen is actually a very powerful institution, who controls the United Kingdom, and the Empire, including Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, directly, for which she is the monarch, through Privy Councils. The operation to which you refer in Australia is run from the British monarchy, through the Privy Council extensions in Australia. If you remove the Privy Council factor from these operations in Australia, the whole thing would fall apart. And therefore, though various kinds of monotremes, marsupials, and others, may be running around as one of the perpetrators of this atrocity, the atrocity is occurring because the master of the marsupials and monotremes, has laid this particular egg.

Those who require documentation of the power of the Monarchy, and its disposition to act against Australian national interests, should look at the Queen's sacking of nationalist Prime Minister Gough Whitlam in 1975. The decision came from Buckingham Palace, not from the Royal lapdog, Sir John Curr, as documented in the CEC's 1998 96-page pamphlet, "STOP the British Crown plot to crush Australia's unions." The British Crown, and its Privy Council, sit at the apex of the multi-trillion dollar financial power of the Anglo-American Establishment, as exhaustively detailed in "The true story behind the fall of the House of Windsor", the 1997 218-page report by Executive Intelligence Review. (Also see the CEC webpage www.cecaust.com.au, for a brief profile of the Privy Council and its powers.)

The Privy Council also sponsored the draconian "racial vilification" laws rammed through the Victorian state parliament in 2001. The chief sponsor of that legislation was the Anti-Defamation Commission of B'nai B'rith, whose board is dominated by Privy Councillors Sir Zelman Cowen, Sir Ninian Stephen and Malcolm Fraser.

Anyone who knows anything about Australia's true republican history, is well aware of the enormous hatred which the Crown has for that republican tendency, which it fears may reassert itself under conditions of a grave crisis, such as the global financial crash now unfolding, when the Coalition/ALP enforcers of globalisation will be thoroughly despised.

LaRouche: British Monarchy’s Privy Council
Behind Fascist ‘Anti-Terror’ Laws
By Craig Isherwood
National Secretary
Citizens Electoral Council of Australia


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