You see,

The time is coming for the purge of liars and warmongers, that is why we are seeing the acceleration of violence by the corporate controlled so-called "democracies".

They know the jig is up, and are desperately attempting to push into a world-wide war that will be a house to house war.

These idiots spouting hatred and derision are nothing by cowardly tools. Their masters will chew them up the first chance they get. They are akin to the Hitler brown shirts, who when Hitler did not need them anymore betrayed them, and threw them to the dogs.

So their masters will turn on them.

They are backing losers, but are too stupid or too cowardly to admit it.

I mean really guys, do you really think humanity will allow a bunch of nuclear packing bullying jackoffs to be arbiters of a "new world order"?

All bets are off idiots, we are talking survival of humanity time, and these guys cannot get over their own greed to give a shit.

So by assholes who don't give a fuck about having clean air to breath, good real food to eat, and not having to have two parents work to just barely feed the family, which is something that none of these assholes have ever had to worry about.

Most of these so-called neo cons are trust fund babies born with silver spoons up their ass believing that they are entitled by hereditary to own the entire world and screw everyone else.

Well I've got news for you.

There are a shitload more of us than there are of you.

You "death God" worshiping dipshits are too lost to see you are nailing your own coffins shut.

And I for one am not going to save you uncompassionate, inhuman death dealing sociopathic reactionary scum from the meat hook.

Unlike the Nuremberg trials that were a show for the world while the boys like Bush granddaddy and Mr. Ford sat by and profited from the murder of tens of millions of innocents in addition to the 6 million Jews and got away scot free, we are going to make sure that not one murdering son of a bitch is going to escape the noose.

Yuck it up while you can boys, the hangman’s coming and he's got a full schedule.

You see real conservatives who love America are starting to see the theft and murder that has occurred in our names since Bretton Woods, and we are damned pissed.

We didn't die in all of the wars previously so scum like you can piss all over everything we built, and the values we hold dear, like freedom of speech, freedom of religion, right to assemble, the bill of rights, equality, fair play in business practices, justice based on truth, respect for fellow human beings, living a honest life, not being a hypocrite, living in a democracy, respecting others’ rights, civil society based on democratic census, professional human police forces beholden to their constituency. And so on.

I think you neo liberal conservatives are just a bunch of retards that will stack up like so much firewood when the purge of the fascists come.

You can stick your bigoted, racist, inhuman, derisive, theocratic, greedy, selfish, win at all costs with out regard to human rights, child murdering Nazi-sprecht up you Uber-Axis.

I hope that you take this exactly how it sounds.

Of course it is fun to say this but I really hope you try to see what is in the future for people who believe the state is more important than the people it derives its power from.

You are the most piss poor pathetic garbage excuses for Americans, or human beings for that matter, I have heard from in a long time.

Your pathetic attacks only reinforce the fact that change is coming and for the better.

Let the purge begin.


Vengeance is Best Served Cold

By Steven James Blake

Posted on the Independent Newswire on 2 April 2002

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