After many successes breaking news stories and scandals ranging from the Monica Lewinsky scandal to the Waco massacre, the "New Media", consisting mainly of Internet publications, may be facing its biggest challenge.

Recent alternate news reports have revealed that from May 30th to June 2nd the Bilderberg Group will be holding its annual meeting in Chantilly Virginia, at the Westfields Marriott about seven miles south of Washington’s Dulles airport. This is the first meeting of the Bilderberg Group in Virginia since 1962.

The Bilderberg Group and many media outlets have denied its existence for decades and are still benefited by a virtual media blackout. Reportedly consisting of over one hundred participants, the Bilderberg Group is allegedly comprised of international power brokers planning and implementing the various stages and the development of a world government.

Supposedly on the agenda of these un-elected and self-appointed leaders of the new world, is the expansion of NAFTA throughout the Americas, the polarization of the Western Hemisphere, and the development of an American Union. To figure out how to use the war on terrorism to further its goal of propping up the United Nations as a global political body by granting it taxing authority and developing NATO into the United Nations standing army.

This world without borders can only be created through the erection of a global police state that would stifle humanity. It is being driven from the top down and that is exactly how it will rule.

To prove the point, consider the issue of militarizing the United States borders to prevent illegal aliens and terrorists from entering the country to commit the mass murder of more Americans. Politicians have said that our military is not equipped to protect our borders the same way that it protects South Korea’s. They have also expressed a fear that military personnel might accidentally shoot unarmed civilians. Yet, a stroll to any U.S. airport would reveal military personnel carrying M-16s.

The fact that international power brokers meet regularly in secret to plot out the destiny of the world would outrage millions of Americans if they were being informed about it. The problem is that most people have never even heard of the Bilderberg Group and don’t even know that it exists.

If a group of right wing extremists were meeting and plotting to over throw the United States government, wouldn’t the media consider it worthy to report on if they new about it? Isn’t that exactly what the Bilderberg Group is plotting, but through different means? What else would you call secretly meeting and planning the eradication of national independence or self-government?

For years prominent politicians and media personalities have attended these meeting without covering the event or mentioning it. Here lies the challenge for the new media and also an opportunity to show its growing muscle.

Priding itself on being a truly free press, the "New Media" has maintained its independence and acted as the "Town Crier". The Bilderberg Meeting to take place in VA in late May and early June is the perfect opportunity for the "New Media" to develop into a 21st century equivalent to the Committees of Correspondence that were used by our founding fathers.

If the "New Media" makes a conscious decision to reveal the nature of the Bilderberg Group and what goes on at the meetings it is likely that various organizations would rally demonstrators and protestors to the event.

How could the "old media" continue to cover up an event that drew the same number of protestors that were present to protest the Seattle meeting of the WTO in 2000?

Americans have a right to know what will transpire at this meeting, what deals will be made, what decisions, and how they will be implemented. Isn’t that an essential element of a free society, to have an open debate on the issues, and more importantly to have an input on the decisions that will affect your life?

Hopefully the "New Media" will have the courage and the tenacity to cover this event and deliver the news by busting the Bilderberg meeting.

Bilderberg Links
by Jon Chance 10:43am Sat Apr 6 '02
address: 72 Peterborough Street, Boston MA 02215 USA phone: 617-859-8155

Here's one good link:

And there are many more relating the Bilderberg Group to the global power structure at - including their insecurity system.

The Bilderberg Group By Joe Sansone

Posted on the Independent Newswire on 6 April 2002

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