In the face of the Absence of Real Mainstream
Journalism and the Next Cloned President of the United States

“Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president or any other public official save exactly to the degree in which he himself stands by the country. It is patriotic to support him insofar as he efficiently serves the country. It is unpatriotic not to oppose him to the exact extent that by inefficiency or otherwise he fails in his duty to stand by the country” -- President Theodore Roosevelt, 1908

“Noam Chomsky says it best: These rich guys always go around ‘clearing’ each other. Whatever report comes out is going to be bogus. Junior [Bush] won’t let you see what his daddy [snr Bush] was up to in the 80’s. Do you really think they’re going to tell you what’s going on today?” -- outside the whale on “Why Beg for a ‘Warren Report’?” on the Independent Newswire

The investigations by Congress will be a great “white wash” if they again point to “Arab terrorists”

“Let Congress know that we are not going to wait for them to investigate. Many of us reading this know more than most of Congress does already. Don’t let them fall back on their “the people aren’t ready to hear the truth” rationale. We already know the truth and we need to make sure that THEY know that they have reason to be frightened if they are going to defend this evil system” -- m. on the Independent Newswire

1. “This Is All Planned” by Andrew

2. Peculiarities That Should Be Investigated in Any 9-11 Investigation. A Petition by Lori Price of

Citing the Washington Post, Moore reminded the audience that Osama bin Laden was on dialysis at this time. However, “Bush wanted a mastermind, a villain, someone scary, a reason to pass the PATRIOT Act. But the story disappeared quickly because Osama bin Laden is not so scary hooked up to dialysis, is he? Did he have a kidney machine in every fifth cave in Afghanistan? We’re supposed to believe that he’s controlling all this from caves? I can’t even get cell reception from Salem to Eugene! They think we’re stupid.”

3. “This Isn’t a War on Terrorists. This Is a War on Us” by Michael Moore

Rather than to people within the U.S. Government itself

4. “Mr Bush, We Know That You Knew” by m. on the Independent Newswire

5. “September 11: The Circumstantial Case - Part 1 of a Four-Part Series” by Bill Molson

And their foreign Israeli Zionist collaborators

“A phoney Congressional investigation will only cover up the fact that Israel, the Mossad, the World Bank Group, and their henchmen such as Paul Wolfowitz in the DoD are responsible for the 9-11 attack” -- Jon Chance (on “Another Warren Commission?”)





To fulfil corporate fascism’s plan that targets the destruction of the United States

“Those who consider it ‘extreme’ or ‘far-fetched’ to consider the existence of deep, homicidal forms of criminality in America’s ruling establishment might want to review how a group of top fascist-leaning corporations and elite families conspired to prepare a violent armed coup against FDR in 1934 (and might well have succeeded except for the actions of one patriotic Ret. General Smedley Butler). One aspect of this historical episode which is worth pointing out is that the existence of this conspiracy was immediately poo-poohed and denied by both the mainstream corporate press and most of the opposition ‘progressive’ press. This still seems to be the way ‘conspiracy theories’ are treated today” --


Through Grand Coup proportions

“In matrix reality, Bin Laden made War On America -- and since then ‘fighting terrorism’ has been the overriding motive behind every US action. It’s an easy story for people to follow, as it parallels the script of typical Hollywood action thrillers. And fiction it is… designed to distract, like the white gloves of a magician. Meanwhile, the real action proceeds off camera.”

7. “9-11 Was a Grand Coup” by rkm


Recognizing the Fundamental Issue

“If 9-11 was, as the evidence increasingly shows, a hoax and a treasonous betrayal, then this fundamental issue must remain a central concern for anyone who wishes to “strike the root” of our current problems, rather than desperately hacking away at the branches” --

8. “Summary of ‘Official’ Voices Doubting Bush Administration Story on 9-11 --Investigation Called” by Michael Ruppert

"Outing" the State

“It’s like a breath of fresh air hearing all these people start asking hard questions about 9-11. I’m not surprised people walked out on [Michael] Moore’s speech when he brings up these questions. Mike Ruppert coined the situation beautifully in comparing the denial of so many Americans in face of the facts to that of a dysfunctional family. The father is molesting the little girl in the basement, everyone knows it, but they keep quiet about it. If it comes to light that the US government had a role, either as a participant to bring it about (like they planned with Operation Northwoods), or as a knowing inactive bystander, the entire legitimacy of the US government is at stake” -- Greg on the Independent Newswire. Ref:

And The System

“Contemplating the possibility of a super-powerful, untouchable secret government can feel discouraging and overwhelming, but it shouldn’t be. It has become a well-worn but worthy cliché that the elites are perennially fearful of an awakened and motivated public (and to add a note of patriotism, the stubborn and traditionally isolationist spirit of the American people has been one of the biggest historical obstacles to the globalists, which is the reason so much effort has been put into undermining and breaking down the US system).

“There are more of us than there are of them, and when the word gets out, we can win” --

In the Face of the Absence of Real Journalism in the Mainstream

“Either address the facts of the case or stop acting … as someone who will do anything to keep people from hearing and evaluating the truth. My long career in covert operations suggests to me that this is exactly what you are trying to do” -- Mike Vreeland, jailed U.S. Naval Intelligence Officer in Canada, who wrote details of the 9-11 event one month before it happened. Ref: &group=webcast

9. “Oh, You’re So Smart, Can I Be Like You?” - A Reply to Lightweight Journalism by cog dissonance

And [Instead We Have] the Ways of Propaganda

10. Dissecting the Power People - How the Dupers Keep Duping the Dupes. An excerpt of an article entitled, “Dark Days Ahead - Our Struggle” by

a. "Twenty-Five Rules of Disinformation" by

To the Next Cloned President of the United States

11. “Chandra Levy Found Just in Time to Help Bush” by Robert Lederman

Summary Points on Investigations of 9-11:

1. The investigations by Congress will be a great “white wash” if they again accuse and point to “Arab terrorists”

2. Rather than to people within the U.S. Government itself

3. And their foreign Israeli Zionist collaborators

4. To fulfil corporate fascism’s plan that targets the destruction of the United States

5. Through Grand Coup proportions


6. Recognizing the Fundamental Issue

7. "Outing" the State

8. And The System

9. In the Face of the Absence of Real Journalism in the Mainstream

10. And [Instead We Have] the Ways of Propaganda

11. To the Next Cloned President of the United States

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