FDR was once quoted as saying, "Nothing in politics happens by accident." In other words, what's taking place right now with the recent revelations about prior knowledge to September 11th is nothing but rehearsed disinformation, and controlled propaganda via Big Bros. and the corporate censored media.

The "father" of propaganda and spin, Edward Bernays (close relative of Freud) once said that the key to good propaganda is making the story 95% true. The other 5% is created by spooks who came over on the Operation Paperclip Ship shortly after the Military Industrial Complexes second world war...thank you Harry Truman for giving us those brilliant Nazi minds, not.

"Damage Control," reads the headlines. "Bush Knew," "Prior Knowledge," blah blah. It doesn't matter what they're talking at - the potential cover-up/conspiracy - it's what they're still talking about, mainly Arab Muslims (all considered terrorists of course) planning to cause havoc by hijacking planes. The media will spew all the garbage they want about this "new" infotainment.

The United States needs this "war on terror" not only to keep our economy from collapse, but to keep those advertising dollars rolling in - War sells, ratings skyrocket, and the news gets to keep doing their job, which is to scare the living shit out of Americans and the world in general. By the way, only one day after the Bush hit the fan we're being warned about another possible attack. The stage is set, Toto...look at who's pulling the strings this time, please.

Diane Fienstein is a member of the female version of Freemasonry - Order of the Eastern Star, so is Hillary Clinton. Tom Daschle is a Freemason, Trent Lott is too, but he's a Republican - point being both parties are two sides of the same coin, playing off each other while completely wagging the dog and sheoples in the direction they don't want us to look - Israel.

Over 4,000 Israeli workers at the WTC didn't show up to work on the morning of Sept. 11th. Then we hear about Israeli "art students" being detained, but then released shortly after. Then Fox News reports on a huge Israeli spy ring operating in the United States, then we hear about members of the Bin Laden family (living in America) being flown back to the Middle East after the attacks, then the Wall Street Journal tells the Bush aristocracy to get out of the business bed with the Bin Laden's who, by the way are the biggest construction company in the world and build virtually all of our military bases in that region, then we hear about how the Bush and Bin Laden families both held significant shares of stock in the Carlyle Group, the "11th" (they just love that number, don't they?) biggest defense contractor in the world that so happens to have Poppy Bush Sr. and former Secretary of State, James Baker III on the payroll - then we stopped hearing about the insider trading with puts and calls. That story, which pointed directly to people who were involved vanished off the media radar charts quicker than did the 8 black boxes we still haven't heard from the four planes, which is unprecedented in the history of black boxes in aviation.

As long as the content of news reporting continues to point toward the Arab world, the truth behind what really happened will remain fiction. Truth is stranger than fiction.

Mike Ruppert, from copvcia.com was supposed to make an appearance on the Geraldo Rivera "War Zone" show, but was told minutes before the show started that his appearance was cancelled, supposedly because of the "new threats." I watched the whole show, and they covered the new threats for about two minutes, if that, while the rest of the show was all about "did the president know," bologna that didn't have one guest with a dissenting view. Instead of having Mike Ruppert on, they had an anti American member of the Council on Foreign Relations on, along with a former member of Bill Clinton's cabinet, and a CIA stooge who looked like a cross between a cyborg body builder and George Michael with bad hair. Not by coincidence, Mike Ruppert's website, http://www.copvcia.com was hacked prior to the shows live airing.

www.whatreallyhappened.com is also out of whack, the main page with daily news updates is missing.

Thank God for www.infowars.com

This Is All Planned
By Andrew

Posted on the Independent Newswire on 18 May 2002
Ref: www.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=181116

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