Mr. Bush. You have stolen an election. You have launched an unprecedented build up of population control measures. You have pulled us into a war to serve the interests of the oil and defense industries. We're onto you.

Mr. Bush,

Clearly, Ari Fliesher's comments on May 15 were an attempt at damage control, and a pathetic one at that. To maintain that the threat of hijackings OF ANY KIND did not require security warnings is ridiculous.

Mr. Bush, those of us who are not frightened by ugly truths realize that your administration is quite capable of considering three thousand Americans "collateral damage". That your administration could very well consider these deaths necessary in the service of a greater battle to preserve "our way of life", namely the way of life that you and your elite cadre enjoy.

While we will insist on a congressional investigation, we will not wait for one. The inconsistencies in the official story are ample and readily documented by many uncontroversial sources. While we will insist on a congressional investigation, we will not assume that congress will consider the public's interests over the interests of the system over which you preside. Even as we insist on a congressional investigation, we will launch a thousand independent "non partisan" investigations of our own. We will share this information with whoever will listen. We will not fear telling the people things that they are "not ready to hear".

We will neither place our faith in a congressional investigation nor in reports from the mainstream press. How could we expect an honest report about a diabolical plan to launch a war for oil from a news show that is paid for by commercial spots from Texaco, Exxon and others.

We are a free and sovereign people only if we choose to exercise our sovereignty. A rumbling began on September 12, Mr. Bush. Many of us have long suspected a worst case scenario that involves (at the very least) complicity from your administration. And many of us have gathered evidence to support these suspicions. This rumble, Mr. Bush, will turn into an earthquake. Your days are numbered. The oil industry's days our numbered. We will hold fast to the supposedly far fetched belief that another world is possible. Your place in history will be a disgraceful one.


The Unwashed Rabble

Posted on the Independent Newswire on 17 May 2002 Ref:

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