How the Dupers Keep Duping the Dupes

… Any serious and open-minded study of the top elites quickly reveals that they follow no ideology or creed other than money and power, using whatever suits their needs at the time.

Political partisanship and divides of ideology are to a significant extent merely manipulative tools that the elites use to execute the age-old Machiavellian tactic of divide-and-conquer, keeping us fighting against each other instead of against "them". Political divisions can also be used to close people's minds against new information and heretical ideas which might be powerful and helpful. Personally, I feel that both the left and right have some of the answers for resisting tyranny, but at the same time both have sometimes been manipulated largely unknowingly into supporting the aims of the NWO globalists. This seems to be particularly true of traditional Establishment liberals and many progressives in the "New Deal" and "Great Society" eras, as well as the recently ascendant counterattacking swarms of Neoconservatives.

Those who believe that only one end or the other of the political spectrum has ever served the purposes of the ruling elites are woefully mistaken. The more apt polarity for our time is not left vs. right, but authoritarian vs. anti-authoritarian, and recent years have seen many positive, fence-hopping connections being made between those in the (true-) Libertarian, Old-School Conservative, and new Anti-Globalist Left camps. It is going to be a formidable process for our society as a whole to wake up to the degree to which our perceptions and knowledge of the world have been deeply penetrated by lies and distortions, but this process is already well underway, and transcending old divisions is part of that process.

And Their Tactics

On a wider scale, the divide-and-conquer tactic is being reflected in the efforts of the warmongering factions of the elite to invoke reactionary "us vs. them" emotional responses in the public. The seemingly crude and reactionary statements along the lines of "good versus evil" and "wanted: dead or alive" that have been heard from President Bush and other leaders are not simplistic offhand remarks, but instead very carefully crafted and scripted programming designed to evoke a primitive, territorial, hierarchical mindset which is more easily suited to propagandistic control. These emotions, based on fear and aggression, are characteristic of lower "lizard brain" modes of the human mind, as opposed to higher level analytical and compassionate thought. In decades past, this mindset was sustained by the narrative of a threatening "Cold War" against Communism; now there is an effort underway to replace this with a new narrative of a "Clash of Civilizations" between the West and the Islamic world. One can see other effects from decades of this general type of programming in American society in the widespread obsession with power and material gain, in the saturation of violent and aggressive imagery in the media and the culture at large, in the general displacement of respectful intellectual debate with impatient, pompous ideological bullying, and in disturbing and grotesque expressions of pride and excitement over displays of US military might around the world. This must be counteracted and defused with compassion, calm, and intellect.

(Another example of this "us vs. them" mind control is the propaganda demonizing and villifying political dissenters that we have heard from Ashcroft et. al. This is much more than just heavy-handed authoritarianism; it is a necessary strategic ploy intended to stop people from waking up to the fact that the true anti-patriots, the true anti-Americans are among the elites currently in power. This is not a metaphorical or moral statement; I mean it completely literally).

With the decrepit end of their debt-based monetary control systems in sight, a petroleum-based economic power structure facing a looming crisis, and facing a world population that is beginning to wake up and resist the juggernaut of corporate globalization, the cryptocracy is backed into a corner and has no recourse but to drum up warfare and bloodshed in an attempt to keep us too afraid and confused to challenge its continued power and consolidation of authority. Their hope is that they can traumatize us to the point that we will beg for order and safety, whatever the cost, and that our fear of an unknown future will overcome us to the point that we will accept the option to live in some form of controlled slavery rather than face what appears to be a black abyss of chaos.

Their arrogance will spell their defeat, because we are smarter than they believe, and we will refuse.

Dissecting the Power People
How the Dupers Keep Duping the Dupes

Dark Days Ahead? Our Struggle
An excerpt

Posted on the Independent Newswire on 3 May 2002

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