What a coincidence that they would find Chandra's remains just when Bush is on the hot seat.


What an amazing coincidence. Chandra Levy's body turns up just in time to distract the entire US media from questions about what the Bush administration knew before 9/11. Her body miraculously appears in a wooded area that was thoroughly searched by police officials after her disappearance. It's "discovered" just in time to bounce all questions about Bush right out of the news. Will we get to hear more about the man who was, "looking for turtles" and found her? I doubt it.

The right's responses to questions about the Bush administration and 9/11 have been classic examples of obfuscation. They range from blame it all on Clinton to grim warnings that daring to even ask such questions are tantamount to being a terrorist oneself. The real issue is not, "what did semi-literate dimwit GW Bush know before 9/11" but what did Bush administration officials - Cheney, Rice, Ashcroft et al - know.

Why was John Ashcroft - but not the American people - warned not to fly on commercial airliners before 9/11? Why were FBI agents warned not to investigate bin Laden and the Saudis? Why were Saudis flown out of the U.S. immediately after 9/11 by the US government? Why is no one in the mainstream asking hard questions about the Bush families many business ties to the bin Laden family, including financing GW's oil company, employing former President Bush as a spokesperson and working with Neil Bush on various business deals?

The media will now be completely preoccupied for months with Gary Condit and Chandra Levy as if that's America's most important news story.

Meanwhile, in a supreme moment of irony GW will speak at the German Reichstag, painting Saddam as the new Hitler - which he may well be. It is a given that neither Bush nor the media will make any reference to the historical fact that the Bush family worked for Hitler and that George Bush' s political career was financed with the money his father, Prescott Bush, made operating banks for the Nazis.

Nor will there be any mention that the Bush family and key GW Bush administration officials like former President George Bush and Dick Cheney gave Saddam his chemical, biological and possibly nuclear capability. These firmly established historical facts are well-known to the entire US media but won't appear in your newspaper. They need the space for 24-7 cover-to-cover reporting on Chandra Levy.

The massive disinformation campaign by our own government against the American people has many fronts, all of which are closely tied to 9/11. Here in NYC, non-entity Mayor Mike Bloomberg has just put Rudy Giuliani in charge of bringing both the Republican convention and the Democratic convention to NYC as part of a ludicrous "We aren't afraid of terrorists" campaign. If they really expect a massive attack on NY why would they want to bring both conventions here?

Perhaps what is actually planned is a a mass die-off of our elected officials, a clean-sweep that makes possible the total restructuring of the U.S. government. My prediction is that at the very least, fake "hero" Giuliani will become Bush's running mate and the next US Vice President. Not long afterwards, Bush will be out of the picture (another pretzel attack?) and Giuliani will become President/Fuhrer.

Ultimately, for those pulling the strings GW Bush is as expendable as were the thousands who died on 9/11. To find the real power look at who and what is behind Bush. The Manhattan Institute. The Saudis. The financial backers of the far right. David Rockefeller and his various Wall Street banks like JP Morgan Chase and Citibank.

Rockefeller, his business interests and his employees gave us Hitler, bin Laden, Saddam, West Nile Virus, eugenics, Enron, and the whole Middle East problem. Of course, it was all done to "help America".

Giuliani is tied to all of the worst in recent American history and works for the exact same bosses as GW Bush. His "consulting company", Giuliani Partners, is a presidential-administration-in-waiting. His first job as a consultant? Helping Merrill Lynch wiggle out of a major criminal investigation.

HBO begins the Giuliani coronation on Sunday night titled, "Mettle and Honor", the latest 9/11 tribute, this time narrated by Sir Rudy Giuliani himself. Is this a historical documentary or a political ad? You decide.

On the heavily advertised special presentation there will be no mention of how Giuliani personally caused WTC #7 to collapse by illegally storing thousands of gallons of fuel there, thereby destroying thousands of active criminal cases and investigations against terrorists, US officials and top corporations. All of the files and evidence in these cases were stored in the CIA, FBI and Secret Service offices in WTC #7.

There will be nothing of how the radios the Giuliani administration gave to firefighters failed causing hundreds of deaths of firemen or why there was no contingency plan for dealing with another attack on the WTC.

There will be nothing about how Giuliani had FDNY union leaders arrested in their homes for leading protests against his turning the recovery of bodies into a scoop and dump operation aimed at quickly rebuilding the WTC site or of how he ordered the steel beams from the WTC melted down before they could be examined by investigators.

Nor will there be anything about Giuliani's eight year reign of trashing all civil liberties, of generating daily false statistics on crime or of claiming credit for countless things he had nothing to do with. Mettle and Honor... in other words by holding press conferences in which he misinformed all New Yorkers about the health risks from the WTC destruction, leading hundreds of PR tours of ground zero and turning America's worst terror attack into a vehicle for personal political profit, Giuliani transformed himself into an American hero.

Rudy Giuliani's entire career has been a masterpiece of misrepresentation. A crusader for "decency" who was at the same time a serial adulterer. A crime fighter who hid the fact from the US Congress and the American people that his father was a Mafia enforcer. A welfare reformer whose ideas were directly derived from eugenics, Nazism and the white supremacy movement. A spokesperson for "freedom" who as a lawyer and US Department of Justice official supported dictators and mass murderers. An advocate for "self-sufficiency" who kicked poor mothers and children off welfare while at the same time giving more corporate welfare to more wealthy people than all previous NYC Mayors combined. A self-styled "economics and budgeting expert" who left NYC with an unprecedented 7 billion dollar deficit.

Hiding the truth is as vital to maintaining the fake image of Giuliani as a hero as it is to maintaining the false idea that GW Bush is protecting the American people. All evidence to the contrary must be suppressed or destroyed and those telling the embarrassing truth must be demonized, arrested or eliminated. That's why Giuliani stole 2,000 cases of NYC documents owned by the public on his last day in office and secreted them in a private warehouse. That's why the Bush administration wants no 9/11 or Enron investigations, will turn over no documents, will not testify before Congress and has sealed all Presidential records.

Giuliani is a genius - of the big lie technique as practiced in Nazi Germany and updated to perfection by the Bush administration. When it comes to dictators GW Bush may be just an empty suit, but Rudy Giuliani is the real thing. Watch him ride the 9/11 bandwagon right into the White House and the creation of a real police state.

Can you say, Heil Giuliani?

For verifiable mainstream media references for the facts mentioned in this article see: http://baltech.org/lederman/

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Chandra Levy Found Just in Time to Help Bush
by Robert Lederman

Posted on the Independent Newswire on 23 May 2002
Ref: www.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=182162

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