After seven months, Washington has yet to present one shred of evidence to support its fanciful story regarding the events of 9/11. Instead, every piece of direct evidence that comes to light suggests Washington itself as being the perpetrator. And they were always the primary suspect, as they are the only ones who have gained from the event. The article below reviews this evidence, bringing in considerable new material that I haven't seen before. It covers a broader canvas than Michael Ruppert's revelations [… and may be worth sharing with others].

In matrix reality, Bin Laden made War On America - and since then "fighting terrorism" has been the overriding motive behind every US action. It's an easy story for people to follow, as it parallels the script of typical Hollywood action thrillers. And fiction it is... designed to distract, like the white gloves of a magician. Meanwhile, the real action proceeds off camera.

911 was a grand coup. In a minor coup, some General takes over the government of a single country. In a Grand Coup the entire world order is transformed. The whole Enlightenment heritage has been abandoned: constitutional government, civil liberties, balance of powers, government accountability. International law has been abandoned, and national sovereignty is becoming a subject for nostalgia buffs. Police state legislation has been passed not just in the USA, the alleged target of "terrorism", but throughout the West, in the so-called "modern democracies". In the EU, the official definition of "terrorism" now includes any civil disobedience whose objective is to "change the economic system".

This was a Global Grand Coup, with historic significance on a par with the fall of Rome, the Industrial Revolution, or the birth of Christianity. It marks the beginning of a new Era, what right-wingers call The New World Order. In some sense, we are simply seeing capitalism finally forced to show its true face. In another sense, which amounts to the same thing, we are seeing Hitler's vision of a Thousand Year Reich being finally realized by the same crowd that funded fascism in the first place.

Perhaps my words seem a bit extreme. If so, that's because we are so far only seeing the establishment of new infrastructures, and the propagation of new mythologies. It won't become obvious where this is all leading until it's too late. And then most of us will be persuaded to blame some outside cause, most likely some version of "terrorism". The media matrix reality is the hypnotic trance that seduces the public frog into tolerating the rising temperature in the simmering pot.

What would it take for people to wake up? What would be the form of a real Red Pill?**

[**The "Red Pill" is from the remarkable, true to form film, "The Matrix".]

May the power be with you,


9-11 Was a Grand Coup

Excerpt of:
The Grand Coup of 11 September:
Whole World Knows More than American Corporate Media

Posted on the Independent Newswire on 22 April 2002

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