The Second Level of the 9-11 Revelations

While facts about 9-11 are still surfacing, and the code of the Beast (666) has been broken and exposed, we find the Beast itself has a theological basis--although thoroughly misguided and deceitful--from where and whence it finds its life.

“Chosen People Syndrome” and Global Zionism

The first key article, entitled “The Chosen People” by Carol Valentine, shows the plans underway, as they have reached the highest levels of the American government, for people within a certain religion to dominate the world and subjugate the rest of humanity under their own law. All other religions will be destroyed or intentionally eroded, and humanity will live only to serve their needs -- this all being done under the banner of Judaism.

We say “banner” because we believe that the “chosen people syndrome” is not reflective of the thinking Jews who have said that the mantle of chosenness had long since vanished from the Jewish people as they had turned away from God and worshipped mammon--from the very beginning in their history, to the present day.

[The control of the central Banks in Europe, including the Federal Reserve Bank in America is held by the European Rothschild House. See also the “The Life of an American Jew in Racist-Marxist Israel” by Jack Bernstein in The Reality of Israeli-Zionist Infiltration Menu, the Global Jew Mob Hegemony - “Breaking the Tyranny on Silence” by Leo Braun in An Unhealthy Kind of Globalization Menu, and “Israel Must Go” by Anomaly in The Sickness of the Media Menu].

Further, the thinking Jews that are true to the Divine dictates of the same God of Christianity and Islam have called for the dismantling of the state of Israel as it directly disobeys the Divine dictate of Exile, and imposes a horrific abuse and an ethnic cleansing on the Palestinian people who are also the children of God.

The Judaism of the above article we would say then more accurately reflects the ideology of Zionism, which, when examined

[See The Zionist Hate Machine Menu and The Reality of Israeli Zionist Infiltration Menu.]

is bigoted and racist, and filled with contempt and hate for the other. At the same time, no peace is planned (in Palestine or the world) for the mantle of supremacy (or total arrogance) does not allow one to be equal with one’s neighbors. It is an ideology that has again been derived from the mistake and ignorance of man-interpreted laws that is now foisting itself through the power centers of the American government onto the world through a global Zionism--that also disparages the Christ and attempts to obliterate his mission through anti-Christ proportions.

9-11 has essentially been orchestrated by a Global Zionism that operates through stealth and deception, authoritarian intrusion and control, coercion and moral and intellectual degradation

No one could out rightly accept the plans of global Zionism, as no one would agree to their own demise, enslavement and moral and intellectual degradation. It must therefore be brought forth in a deceitfully stealth manner, which has three lines of deception:

A. Deceit Through High levels of Government

In Part I of this Summation, Zionism has been nailed as a part of the Body of the Beast (666) because of its deception:

“Those in high places seem to ‘talk noble,’ but the Beast we now know disguises itself in a noble cause and a noble facade, while all the while sowing seeds of fear, control, tyranny, death and destruction upon the Planet and upon humanity.” (“By their fruits ye shall know them” -- Matthew 7:20)

It is because of the above, those at high levels in the American government [and elsewhere] are able to disguise their real intent and carry out their plans for the dismantling of the rights and liberties of free people and institute a fascist state,

[See the U.S.A.’s “Patriot Act” in Declaring Independence and A State of Global Rebellion Menu, “A Prayer for America” in The Push of Humanity Menu, and Fascisizing the World - Shoot to Kill - Nation-States Line Up to the New SS World Order - Attacking the Democratic Constitutions Menu.]

and to completely dismantle the American Republic as it had brought forth integration and union of all peoples in an environment of freedom, equality and opportunity. Instead, in its place, in the confusion, hate and conflict that will be caused by the Beast of Global Zionism, the reins of the American government will be seized to fully implement their plan of world control, in the image of Hitler’s Nazism -- the rule of the all-supreme racist/arrogant fools over the rest of us.

B. Deceit Through the Orchestration of 9-11 in a “False Flag” Operation that Blames/Frames Muslims/Arabs/Islam in an Eternal “War on Terror”

One cannot put aside the gleeful Israeli Mossad agents, experts in demolitions, hi-fiving each other at the time the towers were collapsing, and the Israeli spy ring that was highly active in America at the time of 9-11, but, when caught, were simply ushered out of the country. Much of the material on this has been covered in the Menus.

[See “The 9-11 Wolfowitz Conspiracy. A Frame-Up Cover-Up for the Oil, Investment-Bank-Laundered Opium Revenues, and for War on Islamic Populism - The Certain Motive” by Dick Eastman in the Insights-Reflections-Analysis Menu, the Reality of Israeli-Zionism Infiltration Menu, “The Israeli Spy Ring Scandal” by eyewatch in the Sickness of the Media Menu, the Zionist Hate Machine Menu, “U.S.S. Liberty - Accident or Deliberate Attack?” by Admiral Thomas H. Moorer in the American Republic’s Unhealthy Intertwinement with the State of Israel Menu, and The Israeli Spy Ring Menu.]

The “war on terror” which basically is on Islam as its antithesis [for it advocates equality of all peoples and a financial system that is subservient to humanity, not the other way around] is to secure the world for Global Zionism and its pursuits of world domination through the complete subjugation and degradation of humanity.

[See SIX, SIX, SIX, The Power Behind a Destructive World, The Not Nice, New World Order People Menu, And A Money System that Destroys and Enslaves Menu]

C. Deceit Through Moral Degradation and Poor Education

“The Global Elite’s ‘Social Engineering’ Document.” Press “back” button after reading document.

The second line of deception has been the Global Elite’s ‘Social Engineering’ Document -- that systematically plans the moral and intellectual degradation of humanity. It is referenced here as a key document in the Summation of Phase 1 because it is the extension of the “Chosen People Syndrome” Document without the theology, but with the same identical objectives and motives. It is policy in progress, and if it weren’t for the fact that it checks out in reality, it would be totally unbelievable.

In reading the document [and one could also say, everything else that has been revealed and exposed in this Phase One of the site], one must again remember the fact that was brought up by J. Edgar Hoover: "The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with conspiracy so monstrous, he refuses to believe that it exists."

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