The Zionist Hate Machine

Authentic Jews and organizations have condemned the wrongness of Zionism (and the state of Israel itself) as contrary to Judaism.

1. “Exposing the Big Lie About Muslims and Christians” by Israel Shamir with comments on Israel Shamir by others

“The Jewish state must be deNazified, as thoroughly as Germany after 1945” - Israel Shamir

2. “Not Another Peace Plan” by Israel Shamir

3. “Chosen and Choosing” by Israel Shamir

4. “Bombing Iraq to Protect Israel” by James J. David

5. “Zionists Are Not Jews!” by Jordan Thornton

Zionism Has Hijacked the Divine Promise of Israel

As with the above Shamir articles, we see factually from the following three articles below (6, 7 and 8) that there can be no peace plan in the Middle East between the state of Israel and Palestine. Why? Because there is simply no will for peace on the part of the Zionist ideology! Instead, what we find is a stomach-churning arrogance and a scourge of humankind. It is neither just, nor religious and is exclusive of peace, which leaves the world with two choices -- the dismantling of Zionism or the elimination of the Palestinians (which the Zionists do seem to revel in without conscience).

And Trashed the Lesson of the Holocaust

Applying the lesson of the Holocaust where Jewish deaths would not be in vain in the notion of “never again” in the history of humankind -- where no peoples should be ethnically cleansed or eliminated for their religion -- it is clear that the Palestinians are not to be eliminated, but Zionism. As Jews are not Zionism (see point 5 above, and The Reality of Israeli-Zionist Infiltration Menu, article entitled, “The Life of An American Jew in Racist-Marxist Israel” by Jack Bernstein), the concept of Zionism must thus be dismantled where Jews can live in the land of Palestine side by side in peace, good will, prosperity and sharing with the Palestinians, which is the true spiritual basis of Israel.

Christianity, Islam and Judaism Are All Semitic Religions

Pulling a fact from the first article below (6), “God said to Abraham, ‘Unto thy seed, I will give thy land.’ [Who were the seed of Abraham?] Abraham had two sons. Ismael, the Arab son, and Isaac, the Jewish son, where, if one wants to go to the Bible, the land would belong to both.” So, is that anti-Semite? Ismael is a Semite, just as much as Isaac and Jesus; as a “Semite” means to descend from the line of Abraham. (The dominating Jews in Israel, the Ashkenazis, are not even descended from the line of Abraham, and therefore not even Semite -- see Jack Bernstein’s article referenced above). To throw out Ismael (the Semitic Palestinians [and Christians as they have also been targeted by the Zionist-Jews in various ways]) is like Cane killing his brother Abel. To allow Cane to continue on any longer (in the sin of Zionism is to kill us all for Cane did not pass his test to live in peace (or to carry the mantle of “chosenness”, let alone to lead (Genesis 4:2).

Zionism is Simply an Unworkable Political Ideology Like Communism, But Worse, for it is Able to Ethnically Cleanse and Eliminate Internally Within the Holy Lands - Something Communism Would Not Have Been Able to Do

There we have it. The above two or three paragraphs is all that is needed to lay down the solution of the Middle East. Zionism (like that last ism, “communism”) is an unworkable political ideology and must fall by the way side. To prop it up any more in any way, shape or form is to try vainly to make something beautiful out of a rotting corpse. Such a stench and sight no longer belongs to the promise of what a new millennium and century can bring -- New World

6. “The Facts About Israel” by Bill

7. “Hate Speech” by op

8. “A Jewish Perspective They Won’t Show on FOX News” by The Guardian

Israeli Hall of Shame

“The U.S. State Department has repeatedly documented in its annual reports that Israel engages in “torture or cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment of punishment, prolonged detention without charges and trial, causing the disappearance of persons by the abduction and clandestine detention of those persons, and other flagrant denials of the right to life, liberty, or the security of people” -- From an article entitled, “Corporate America and Israeli Occupation” by Sam Bahour. Ref:

The below article is not allowed to be freely distributed. It is a shocking account of human abuse -- not performed in the savagery of war, but in the cool of an Israeli bureaucracy.

It is buried in a collection of articles under the heading, “Everything You Wanted to Know About the Mossad But Were Afraid to Ask” by R. Shackleford on the Independent Newswire. It is a series of writings by an ex Mossad Israeli agent, Victor Ostrovsky, who has titled it, “A Message From Hell.” It is the second article down from the first.

Unraveling Zionism

1. Terrorism is an Invention of the Zionists

Zionists operate through terrorism to achieve their political goals. Having a look through history:

a. Terrorism Pioneered by Zionists. Informative piece by anonymous on the Independent Newswire

2. Zionism is a Continuation of Nazism/Fascism/Racism

Zionists forced the Nazis to send the real Jews to the Holocaust.

a. “Ten Questions to the Zionists” by Rabbi Michael Dov Weissmandl

b. “Zionists Collaborated with the Original Nazis Against the Resistance” by Everyone, including Cecilia Toledo

3. Judaism is Not Zionism

Zionism is not a religion of God or the Bible. Judaism calls for the dismantling of the state of Israel so that the Divinely decreed state of Exile remain intact until the unforeseen time of the Messiah. Zionism is therefore a total and a complete violation of Judaism.

a. “The Great Gulf Between Judaism and Zionism” by G.J. Neuberger

4. Israel Exists on A Total Lie, A Total Illusion and A Total Deceit

The man-made state of Israel exists solely on i) the creation and notion of the Arab/Muslim/Islamic “enemy”, and ii) to manipulate and push the false notion of “anti-Semiticism”, when in reality, when peace is sought or is the real intention, neither “enemies” nor “anti-Semiticism” would exist. Zionism, at the same time--and--is mutually exclusive of peace for it has made i) and ii) as a requisite for its existence.

a. “Judaism: An Alternative to Zionism” by Rabbi Dovid Weiss

5. Zionism is Nothing But the Generation of Hate, Death and War on A World-Wide Basis

a. “Jewish Nazi Groups Urge Sharon to Expedite Palestinian Holocaust” by

6. Zionism Exists to Generate Hate of the Real Jews and Judaism

a. An Interview With Ariel Sharon. An article by Amos Oz

7. Zionism Will Blow Up Everything in Its Path to Achieve Its Unattainable, Twisted Ends - And Will Achieve those Ends through Violence and Deception.

"By way of deception, thou shalt do war." -- Motto [Commandment] of the Mossad

An Urgent Warning

a. “U.S. Army Officers Say: ‘Mossad May Blame Arabs’” by Michael Collins Piper. [See also The Reality of Israeli Zionist Infiltration Menu.]

Suicide Bombers in the U.S.

b. The Threat of Benjamin Netanyahu. An article by Tom

8. What the American People Must Do Forthwith Upon Learning the Truth of Zionism

a. “USA Declares War on Zionism” by Jon Chance

9. And Re-Instating the Real Demand of Judaism

a. “New York Rabbi Requests ‘Peaceful Dismantling of the Israeli State’” by Neturei Karta

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