The Guardian April 24, 2002

Kill 'em all!

Professor Martin Van Creveld who is a Zionist military historian has expressed in words the policy that the Israeli army put into practice during its destruction of Jenin. The Professor argued in the Hebrew weekly Yerushhalyim that the Israeli army would have to kill tens of thousands of Palestinian civilians in order "to restore the balance of deterrence between us and them".

Asked if he was in favour of bombarding Palestinian cities and causing thousands of deaths among civilians, Creveld answered: "Yes, as much as is needed in order that there will not be a need to repeat it, so that they won't tail us during the time of the withdrawal. We have to strike so hard that there won't be a need for a second strike. Perhaps 5000 or 10,000 killed won't be enough and then we will have to kill more."

The Professor said that the mass killing would have to be done so quickly and so strongly that before "the world understood what was happening the matter would be over".

"What is involved is a massive crime, but whoever isn't willing to commit crimes in order to save his country shouldn't engage in statesmanship, it is better that there be one massive crime after which we will exist and lock the gate behind us."

Asked about the possible international reaction, Creveld said, "People forgive for one crime on the condition that it is over. They forgive if it is quick and smooth, and particularly if it succeeds. If it doesn't succeed, everything is lost."

Creveld, at the same time as putting forward these barbarian views, described himself as a "pacifist". He said his plan had been presented to the Israeli authorities and that "the right people read it".

Here we have not just the preferred policy of the Israeli Government of Ariel Sharon and Shimon Peres but the policy and ideology of a dying capitalist system.

The leaders and governments of the leading capitalist countries have no answer to the world's problems, except to use force to impose their policy aims and the slaughter of tens of thousands of people who disagree with them and refuse to submit.

Capitalism is incapable of finding a solution to poverty and unemployment.

It has no policy by which different nations with a variety of social systems, ideologies, national groups and religions can live together in one world.

The ideology of Creveld is no different to that of Bush, Tony Blair, John Howard and a number of others, although they are usually more careful in expressing it.

Successive Israeli governments have proven to be incapable of negotiating a fair and reasonable solution to the Palestinian question which entails the creation and recognition of an independent Palestinian State and the withdrawal of Israeli forces to their pre-1967 borders.

Being incapable of accepting this solution, which embodies the resolutions of the United Nations, the Israelis opt for war and the mass murder of Palestinians and the imprisonment of thousands more. They bullbozed homes with people still in them. They destroyed the infrastructure required by any modern community for food, water and medical supplies, housing, schools, hospitals and so on.

Creveld sees the situation as "between us and them" reflecting the racist attitude of the capitalist world. Having carried out the recommended mass killing, the Israelis would "lock the gate behind us". It is apparent that the Israeli army now intends to remain in occupation of Palestinian land and continue to surround Palestinian cities with their tanks.

There is yet another aspect of Creveld's statement. He claims to be a "pacifist". It has become a common feature of the leaders of a number of countries to present policies which are directly opposite to those carried out. Creveld is a warmonger, not a pacifist. It is a deliberate policy of lying just as [Australian Prime Minister] John Howard has deliberately lied about the "children overboard".

Creveld's "solution" is little different to that of the Nazis who attempted a "final solution" to the "Jewish question" by sending millions to gas chambers.

His statements may help to awaken those who think about what happened in Jenin last week and what is in store for others who refuse to bend the knee to such criminals who parade as professors, statesmen and even as civilised leaders.

A Jewish Perspective They Won’t Show On FOX News

The Guardian April 24, 2002

Kill ‘em all!

Posted on the Independent Newswire on 27 April 2002

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