These are examples of the pioneering Zionist terrorists:

The first airplane hijacked was committed by Israel in 1954 when a civilian Syrian airliner was hijacked after taking off.

The first car bomb was an invention of the Zionists.

Grenades in cafes first used against Palestinians in Jerusalem on 17 March, 1937.

Delayed-action, electrically timed mines in crowded market-places: first against Palestinians in Haifa, 6 July, 1938.

Blowing up a ship with its civilian passengers still on board: first in Haifa, 25 November, 1940. The Zionists did not hesitate to blow their own people to protest the British policy of strict Jewish immigration to Palestine. The ship “Patria” had 1,700 Jewish immigrants.

Assassination of government official outside Palestine: first used against the British in Cairo, when on 6 November, 1944 Lord Moyne was assassinated by the Stern Gang. Yitzhak Shamir, a member of the Irgun and later leader of the Stern Gang was behind the plan.

Taking of hostages to put pressure on a government: first used against the British in Tel Aviv, 18 June, 1946.

Blowing up government offices with their civilian employees and visitors: first used against the British in Jerusalem, 22 July, 1946. The toll was 91 Britons, and 46 injured in King David Hotel. Begin, who masterminded and carried out the attack, admitted that the massacre was coordinated with and carried out under the instruction of the Haganah.

Booby-trapped suitcase: first used against the British Embassy in Rome, 13 October, 1946.

Booby-trapped car parked alongside buildings: first used against the British in Sarafand (east of Jaffa) on 5 December, 1946.

Flogging of hostages: first used against the British in Tel Aviv, Natanya and Rishon, 29 December, 1946.

Letter-bombs sent to politicians outside Palestine: first used against Britain when twenty letter-bombs were sent from Italy to London between 4 and 6 June, 1947.

Murder of hostages as a reprisal for government actions: first used against the British in Natanya area on 29 July, 1947.

Postal Parcel-bomb sent outside Palestine: first used against the British in London, 3 September, 1947.

Terrorism Pioneered by Zionists

Pioneering Zionist Terrorism
By anonymous on the Independent Newswire

Posted on the Independent Newswire on 1 May 2002

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