The men in charge of Israel today are about as Jewish as Bu$h is Christian. They are the same breed of human all too common in seats of power today, those bent on expanding their own power and wealth, and whose conquest seems destined to lead this world straight to hell.

These are not the survivors of the Holocaust, who know of the horrors of war, and the brutality of fascism and oppression. To continue to deal with them as if they were does a disservice to us all.

Why should they not use the tactics of the Nazis? (I'm not saying they should, I'm just saying, why does this shock you so?) After all, they are cut from the same cloth. Newsflash: War is evil. Period.

Every word spoken by Sharon (A wheezing fat man, so engorged, he can barely walk) is filled with the same blind hatred spewed by Hitler. It all comes from the same place: the teaching of (and belief in) racial superiority. This breeds hatred.

The tactics of the Nazis are not too good for the U$A either, I might point out. The CIA (in violation of international law ...) brought the nastiest of the Gestapo to America after WW II, to show them how to run an intelligence agency, to teach them tactics, and to share with them the results of the disgusting psychological and other research done on human beings.

I don't know this as fact, but I would imagine that those creepy "Manchurian Candidate" style psychological tests done by the CIA in the 50's and 60's were a continuation of such research. Perhaps this is what allows the powerful and corrupt to lord over the masses so effectively.

The U$A remains silent, because they desire conflict, especially if it can be "legitimized". The men who control AmeriKKKa today are the ones who profit from war. They care not about human suffering, scorched earth, or broken lives, so long as the contracts and money keep rolling in.

They stay silent on Israel also, because the Jewish lobby, who do not realize that the dream of a true Jewish state is dead, "donate" millions to their campaigns, in effect, paying for their silence.

Don't be surprised, Robert. The same men who have hijacked the dream of a Jewish state to their own ends, are the same type of people that have hijacked the beautiful dream that was once America.

Ironic and sad, yes. Surprising, no ...

In a comment to an article entitled, “The Lies Leaders Tell When They Want To Go to War” by Robert Fisk

Zionists are Not Jews!
By Jordan Thornton

Posted on the Independent Newswire on 29 March 2002

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