The details of how the Zionists worked with the original Nazis against the majority of poor and working class Jews in the resistance movement. Today, these Zionist/Nazis have the unmitigated gall to pretend to speak in the name of the victims of the Holocaust, when in fact, they were among the executioners!

Zionists were allies of Hitler

Zionism, Fascism and the Jews

If it is important that official history should begin to admit that Palestine was not a land without people, it is also necessary to clear up another sordid affair, the one that evolves the creation of the State of Israel. It is all about the relation of Zionism with the Jews themselves and with the Nazi-fascism.

The racist character of the Zionist movement shows it most abominable feature in the relation it maintained with the Jews themselves. Ralph Shoenman recalls that “the founders of Zionism were desperate to fight the anti-Semitism and, paradoxically, regarded the anti-Semites as allies, because they shared the desire of driving the Jews out of the countries where they had been living so far. Step by step, they assimilated the hatred for the Jews and the anti-Semitism, and finally the Zionist movement regarded the anti-Semites as their best godfathers and protectors.” He even quotes a letter that Theodor Herzl sent to Count Von Plehve, author of the worst pogroms in Russia – the pogroms of Kishienev – with the following proposal: “Help me to get the Palestinian land as soon as possible and the revolt (against the rule of the Zar) will end.”. Von Plehve agreed and he began to finance the Zionist movement.

It is actually a request of co-operation between the Zionist bourgeoisie and the ruling classes of other countries to fight against the left-wing Jews who were joining revolutionary parties. From this point of view, Zionism together with Fascism has played a sordid role, for they addressed the religious feelings of the Jews in order to massacre the left-wing Jews. The Zionist youth movement, Bentar, was the cannon fodder for Mussolini, for they formed the squadrons in the black shirts. When Menahem Begin became the boss of the Betar, he changed the black shorts for the brown, like the ones used by Hitler’s bands. This was the uniform that Begin and the members of the Betar used in all the assemblies and rallies.

The Zionist strategy was to recruit the most Jew-hating Europeans and to align with the most perverse movements and regimes to get them to support the creation of a Zionist colony in Palestine. This strategy included Nazism. On June 21 1933, the Zionist Federation of Germany sent a memorandum of support to the Nazi Party, saying: “…a rebirth of national life, as what is taking place in Germany… should also take place in the Jewish national group. On the bases of a new state (Nazi) that has established the principles of the race, we wish to fit our community into the structure if as a whole, so that even we, within the sphere allotted to us, may develop fruitful activity for the Fatherland…”

The Congress of the 1933 World Zionist Organisation not only did not repudiate this behaviour but also defeated by 240 votes against 43 the resolution calling to act against Hitler. During that very Congress, Hitler announced a commercial agreement with the Anglo Palestinian Bank of the World Zionist Organisation (WZO), which meant the breaking of the Jewish boycott against the Nazi regime precisely when German economy was extremely weak. The WZO broke the Jewish boycott and became the main distributor of the Nazi products in the Middle East and North of Europe. In Palestine, they founded the Ha’avara, a bank intended to receive money of the Germen-Jewish bourgeoisie, with which a great many nazi products were purchased.

Betraying Resistance

One of the most sordid reflections of this policy was the way Zionism acted in relation to the Jewish resistance against the massacres of Jews in Europe. In July 1944, the Slovak rabbi, Dov Michael Weissmandel, wrote to the Zionist officials in charge of the “rescue organisations” proposing a series of steps tending to save the Jews of Auswitz. He offered precise maps of the railways and planned bombing raids of the lines that led to the crematories. He requested that the ovens of Auswitz be bombed, that ammunitions for 80 000 prisoners be launched by parachutes together with bombs to explode in the camp and so put an end to the cremation of 13 000 Jews a day.

In case the allies refused to co-operate, Weissemandel proposed the Zionists, who had sufficient money for that, should buy aeroplanes, recruit volunteers and carry out the operation.

Nor was Weismandel the only one to request such a thing. In the 40s, Jewish European spokesmen called out for aid, public campaigns, organised resistance, demonstrations to force allied governments to co-operate. Every time, however, they received silence or even active sabotage from the Zionists.

In July 1944, a year before the end of the war, rabbi Weismandel sent the Zionists a letter of protest, which was partly published in the Hidden History of Zionism by Shoenman: “Why haven’t you done anything so far? Who is to be blamed for this terrible negligence? Are not you guilty, brothers Jews who have the best of all fortunes, freedom? We are sending you this special message: it is to inform you that yesterday Germans started deporting Jews from Hungary. Those deported to Auschwitz will be killed with cyanic gas. This is the agenda for Auschwitz since yesterday until the end: twelve thousand Jews will be asphyxiated – men, women, children old people, babies, healthy and sick.

And you, our brothers of Palestine, of all the free countries, and you ministers of all countries, how come you remain silent in the face of such a murder? Silence while they murder thousands, and they are by now six million Jews? Silence now when tens of thousands are being murdered or awaiting to be murdered? They shattered hearts are claiming for help, and crying for your cruelty.

You are brutal, you are also murderers, due to the cold blood with which you look on, because of the way you sit there with your arms crossed and doing nothing, even knowing that at this very moment you could be stopping or at least delaying the murder of Jews.

You, my brothers, children of Israel, are you mad? Don’t you know what hell surrounds us? For whom are you keeping your money? Murderers! Madmen! Who is doing charity here? You, who drop a few pennies from your secure homes, or we, who are giving our blood away to the deepest of hells?”

Not a single Zionist leader backed this petition; none of the western governments bombed a single concentration camp.

The co-operation between Zionism and fascism made the former betray and turn their backs on the events that led to the death of at leas six million Jews. Today, when yet another anniversary of the holocaust is commemorated, it is necessary to say out loud that Zionism did not fight to prevent it. It does, however use it as an alibi for murdering Palestinians. It is such a shocking fact that the Israeli journalist, Amira Hass, from the newspaper Haaretz, address the survivors of the Holocaust and their descendants not to interpret the genocide committed on their nation or on their European relatives as an eternal endorsement for the suppression and expropriation of the Palestinian people and for presenting of these people as a substitute enemy replacing the Germans.


Zionists Collaborated with the Original Nazis
Against the Resistance
By Everyone, including Cecilia Toledo


Posted on the Independent Newswire on 7 April 2002

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