1. “9:11: The Truth Comes Out” by Justin Raimondo

2. Arab or Israeli Culpability in 9-11 Planning?

A. “Ehud Barak Knew of the U.S. Attack” by Jerry Morgan

B. “The Installation of Hamid Karzai” by Dylan

After reading the above, you might ask where’s the connection between A and B, i.e. the Israeli (Zionist) foreknowledge (and planning) of the WTC attacks and the newly installed Afghani leader, Hamid Karzai?

See material in Section Four, American Republic’s Unhealthy Intertwinement with the State of Israel, and then, the material in 666 -- of the Axis of Evil Pie Menu

3. “Government Report Exposes Israeli Spy Ring” by Justin Raimondo

The following three articles show the culpability of the Israelis in the attack on America, past and present. Please also refer to the Zionist Hate Machine Menu and the Reality of Israeli-Zionist Infiltration Menu. Also note how Israeli-Zionists are able to get by--through the American government--with their crimes and to always get let off the hook--which gels with the connection between A and B above, and with the discovery of Global Zionism in the Summation of Phase One.

4. “U.S. Catch Israelis with TNT in Truck Near Air Base” by Carl Cameron

5. "September 11 -- Not All the Facts Are In" by whatreallyhappened

6. Israeli Culpability - Getting More of the Picture - Frank Comments by Others with Information and Links

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