How Can Ehud Barak appear in the BBC studio just minutes after the final attack with a prepared speech?

The bombings took the world by surprise. Military officials, Government figures, leaders of foreign states all appeared on television and were clearly in a state of shock. Taliban could not arrange an English speaking person at such short notice to appear for their interview on CNN who were immediately blaming Bin Laden.

As if by magic, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak appeared from BBCs main office in London with a pre written/prepared speech. He Spent 30 minutes speaking about how dangerous some "Islamic" countries and terrorists are. At the end of the interview, the news reporter stated that Mr. Barak joined him an hour before it was broadcasted, meaning Barak was there even an hour earlier. In real time of events this means he was there within minutes of the blast, with a pre-written interview. He knew beforehand that the attacks would take place. It was not difficult to see that Barak came with a pre written speech as he is quick to point out all of Israel's enemies which he calls "rogue states".

The answers to the interview were carefully prepared to use public sentiments created by the blast, against enemies of Israel. These could not have been developed between the time of attacks and Barak appearing on BBC. Barak's presence in UK could also not have been co-incidental at that crucial time.

If you combine [all of the above] with the fact that Ariel Sharon cancelled his planned visit to US without any explanation 2 days before he was due to arrive, sales of millions of shares in Airline and Insurance companies a couple of days before the attacks, 4000 Jews not turning up for work at WTC on the day of the attacks, and you have a picture building up.

On the other hand, there is no hard evidence against Bin Laden, only circumstantial. There are no witnesses, who have described how the hijackings were planned and how these are linked to Bin Laden. There are no documents and no electronic trails, through emails or financial transactions towards Bin Laden. Up to 5 of the 19 hijackers on the planes have been wrongly named by the FBI. Bin Laden has no fax or telephone (if he had a satellite phone he would be easily traceable).

Ehud Barak Knew of the U.S. Attack
BBC World Service, London
By Jerry Morgan

Please note, the source of this article has not been verified, but the fact that Ehud Barak appearing live on BBC more or less immediately after the WTC attack condemning the Arabs has been reported in another article, entitled, “Orient Express Jaffa -- September 12, 2001” by Israel Shamir in Section Four, of the Axis of Evil Pie Menu, American Republic’s Unhealthy Intertwinement with the State of Israel.

Posted on the Independent Newswire on 23 December 2001

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