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The following is In reply to a USS Liberty article -- an American ship that was attacked by Israelis.

Might Want to Add WTC to the List
Greg 1:41pm Wed Apr 10 '02

Israel stood to benefit from the attacks on WTC. They knew damn well the media (which Zionists largely control) would blame the Arabs, and they would then have a free hand to attack them at whim. Anyone recall the reports of those Jews jumping with joy at the sight of WTC burning in NYC's Liberty Park? They drew some attention and were arrested and expelled right back to their shitty little country. Word has it that they were members of Mossad. I wouldn't be surprised if Mossad planned the whole thing right down to the wire. With a monster war criminal like Sharon at the helm, with his blatant and proven willingness to target civilians, what's to stop him from attacking Americans in NY? Does anyone really believe he gives any more a fuck about Americans than he does the Arabs? Hell no he doesn't. I say send a cruise missile right through his fucking bedroom window.

Read the Leaked DEA Report
Patriot 2:14pm Wed Apr 10 '02

Yeah I've read those reports about the Israelis who were jumping and laughing when the WTC was hit. And many more such incidents.

You can read all about those incidents on Justin Raimondo's column on

You can all so read about the DEA report on the "200 Israeli Art students" deported back to Jewland.


More info on the Israelis and their behavior on this link, that will lead you to other links

Go to

Mossad tried blowing up the Mexican Congress in October, their agents were arrested with explosive and guns in the Mexican Congress and they the bastards were released -- after intense pressure from Washington.

Read about the Lavon affair

And the Jews of Iraq, Mossad launched a terrorist campaign against the Iraqi Jews so they could emigrate to Palestine.

The fucking Jews are unbelievable; there is nothing they won't do to advance their agenda.

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USS Liberty: We Remember
By Patriot

Posted on the Independent Newswire on 10 April 2002

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