The Power Behind a Destructive World
The Not Nice, New World Order People

"As the ruling elite throws off all restraint to render us subservient; as a war is engineered between the world’s two universal religions whose adherents believe in one God wanting all men to live righteously and to enjoy his blessings, who believe evil exists and must be resisted in the human heart, as these two denominations of monotheism are tricked and traumatized by the deceit of mass-terror frame-ups, manipulated into hatred, and lust for vengeance, into following deliberately elicited conditioned reflexes into a crusade-versus-jihad holocausting and mutual extermination of each other’s faithful - in order to promote the agenda of the Godless (and in some cases even consciously Satanic pirate druglord banksters) who claim the world as their own global debt slave plantation and we their natural servants or else vermin that clutter their private landscapes” - Dick Eastman

A. An Unhealthy Kind of Globalization

“War creates a state in which the power and glory are often received at the end by the most undeserving and vicious people” - Leo Tolstoy

B. And a Money System that Destroys and Enslaves

“Allow me to control the issue of the nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws!” - Amschel Rothschild (same bloodline that controls the Federal Reserve Board of the United States of America).

C. Dystopian Visions

Ordinary People Prophe-SEE-ing the Future

D. And Corporations -- Soulless Destroyers of People’s Lives and the Planet

“Against corporations of every kind, the objection may be brought that whatever is given to them is so much taken from either the government or the people. As the object of charters is to give to members of companies powers which they would not possess in their individual capacity, the very existence of monied corporations is incompatible with equality of rights” - William M. Gouge, 1833

“We Must DEMAND the reinstatement of Corporate Charter Laws, which are the only way to hold corporations accountable for their actions. Allowing corporations to remain above the law will kill us all” - Jordan Thornton

E. Fascisizing the World - Shoot to Kill - Nation-States Line Up to the New SS World Order - Attacking the Democratic Constitutions

“There is not one single right in the Charter that has been developed from the Magna Carta to the English Bill of Rights, to the French Declaration of the Rights of Man, to the U.S. Bill of Rights, to the U.N. Charter, to the Canadian Bill of Rights, and to our Charter that has not been urinated upon and buried. There is not one right that it does not completely undo. You name me the right and I will tell you how it does it” -- Rocco Galati, a Constitutional lawyer of Canada

Who’s attacking the democratic Constitutions?

The same evil cabal who were powerful enough to orchestrate 9-11.

What power is powerful enough to be over the democracies of nation-states?

The money power

Who is the money power?

See Sections A and B of this 666 Menu

What Does It Mean When Democratic Constitutions that Uphold Freedom are Attacked?

It means very simply, we are either with freedom, or against freedom. It also means we have a global enemy that is against freedom and humankind.

Governments who are instituting these attacks are not for freedom nor humankind.

Then, what does it all boil down to for the ordinary individuals who are the police officers, the lawmen, the intelligence services and military men and women who are in service to abuse our rights, freedoms and liberties, which really are they’re own as well when they go home at night?

On the Metaphysical Level

As freedom is in the soul of every human being, you are either “with yourself” or against yourself. If you are against your own soul, then you are in the domain of evil and the devil. To make a move to reclaim and regain your own soul, wake up now and take a second look at what “feels” right.

On the Physical Level

In the absence of freedom, rights and liberties that have been fought and hard won over hundreds of years of ordinary people’s struggle, what it all boils down to here is that the police officers, the lawmen, the intelligence services and military men and women are simply in service to a group of very, filthy rich, over-indulged old white men outside of their own countries who desire to control the world and our thought for the sake of their own private utopias. In the world of their shaping and choosing, and through the free reign of corporations, it means a certain enslavement to eat, think and do as they say. The evil cabal is bereft of all soul, humanity and conscience and wouldn’t hesitate to throw those same people into the pit and extinguish their lives if they sprouted a mind and conscience of their own.

The last word on courage and conscience by a young, wise soul: "These are the times that try men's souls. Review whatever justifications you've made to yourself carefully. Are you going to be a hero like Colleen Rowley, or a chicken shit trying to fuck with a few people's rights to free speech." -- Jody Paulson, in an open letter to COINTELPRO, i.e. government agents spying on their own fellow citizens rights'.

The World Against the Select Few

To fight on the side of right, to fight for a better world and to regain our rights, freedoms and liberties is the fight of all of us. It is a different kind of fight. It is non-violent and powerful--it may not be so much in the streets, shoot all they want, but it will be in the realm of the meme, and it will endure, for however long, for it is all of us, the world--the world of dreams, hopes and conviction against the select few.

A powerful Being once said, “Whenever two or more are gathered in my Name, there I will be.”

In the Age of Armageddon, of the Anti-Christ and the Beast, we know in our hearts and minds what is indivisibly Good, True, Beautiful and Right, and there is no bullet that can or will kill that -

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