Ordinary People Prophe-SEE-ing the Future

“We are human beings, not horses to be ridden, cows to be milked, rats to be run through mazes or lambs to be sacrificed. We are not toys, not tools, not weapons. We are persons, free and equal. We are the people, not a hostile foreign enemy. We demand -- and all should demand -- full recognition and effective protection of our dignity and our rights, full liberty under law, and the promise of perpetual respect for ourselves and the generations to come” -- James Henry Graf, 1997, Manifesto for the Millennium, www.angelfire.com/nj/jhgraf/index.html

1. “Good Night, America” by Old Fart

2. “Welcome to the Future!” by Sadman

3. “The World of Progress -- 20 Minutes Into the Future” by Edison Carter

4. “Why Bush Is Addicted to Perpetual War" by Ted Rall

5. “Death of a Salesman!” by Niall P. MacAllister

A Record for Our Progeny. We Fight For You

At the beginning of the Third Millennium. The Beast will deceive and make the friends of humankind look like the enemy. That deception is so clever that those who might beat us, spit at us and deride us do not know that as we stand, we are also standing for them. We have that compassion and conviction to take the blows until our destiny is rightly manifest into the peace and joy we all deserve, and for our young, dear generations beyond -- New World Peace.com.

Appearances are deceptive - nothing can be taken at face value these days, in these times. The following article and reply describes, at a glance, our point in history.

6. The World as We Know it Today

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