The Future?

Goodnight, America

Today, walking home from a meeting, I went a different way and happened to pass a playground. As I watched the little kiddies playing on swings and heard their carefree tinkling laughter, I was overcome with a deep overwhelming sense of sadness and despair.

Not for me, for them. What kind of a world will they know?

They already have a Social Security number which will be used to track everything they do for their entire lives. Every check they write, every time they use a credit card, board an airplane, apply for a job. A number engraved on their first-grade report cards, on their very existence, and ultimately upon their death certificates- in numerals of iniquity …

In a few years, they will - of necessity- get a wireless telephone or PDA, which will maintain a permanent record of their whereabouts, their physical location, within a hundred feet or so, stored in a computer somewhere in Virginia or the District of Columbia.

They will grow up to accept that their Email is routinely read by the feds and that with the use of SAS, their phone calls monitored; this will be their lot in life. That secrets are ‘UnAmerican’; that privacy is forbidden. Only ‘terrorists’ have anything to hide.

Kafka. Orwell. Hitler. Prophetic. "Show us your papers…".

I predicted in one of my books, that there is, has been - for the past ten years or so - a systematic and insidious government movement to eliminate privacy, to control knowledge and technology.

It is not just privacy, freedom, that the government wants to destroy; it is this planet. Wants to destroy, you ask? Look at what is happening and then ask again.

As a child, I remember visiting the Grand Canyon. You could see across it in all its majesty from rim to shining rim. But those little kiddies I saw at the playground will probably never experience this, as one of natures wonders fills with the carbon of corporate covetousness and becomes a blot on Humanity as this administration advocates ‘more fossil fuels’.

"Global Warming"? Nah, just a figment of the collective imaginations of the commie-pinko hippie-yippie leftist queers. (Spiro Agnew)

"It’s about oil. It’s always about oil". (Bush 42)

"And the times, they are a changing." (Bob Dylan)

The Proverbial Good Old Days

I remember a time when we could go trick-or-treating without the fear that ghouls, low life sub-humans put razor blades in apples. It just didn’t happen. When throwing a cherry-bomb on someone’s front porch was a ‘prank’ rather than a ‘terrorist’ act to be investigated by federal agents.

I recall a time when one person working one forty hour a week job could raise a family, buy a home, and a new car every two or three years.

Once, millions of working Americans could count on Social Security as a supplement in their Golden Years, but since the sixties, our elected Presidents have systematically looted this fund - stolen - yes, stolen like the common thieves that they are- the money that was deducted from the paychecks without their consent, to wage war upon the Middle East and South-East Asia. After all, it costs money to drop Napalm upon women and children…

There was a time when there were something like twenty companies that build television sets. Zenith, DuMont, Philco, Capehart Farnsworth.

Today, there are none.

I remember when companies such as Ford, General Motors, White Freightliner, Salisbury, Freuhof, ran full page newspaper ads begging for help; where virtually anyone could walk in and be hired for a good paying job.

Never again will we see this. "Made In China" or El Salvador or Malaysia, is the future of our distressed economy.

"Prosperity is just around the corner" said the soothsayers of Reaganomics, just another government lie. Prosperity in America? No, it is gone forever.

By Generally Acceptible Accounting Principles, the national debt is not the five trillion the feds maintain; it is more like fourteen trillion, and the chances of paying it off are zip zilch zero. Ain’t gonna happen.

America is facing destruction. Total financial collapse.

Maybe, one future day, out of the ashes of avarice, there will Emerge a New Nation, Conceived in Liberty and Dedicated to the Proposition… about which Lincoln spoke at Gettysburg.


At my age, I thankfully will not be here to see it happen. But to those who will, I hope you will continue to resist. To fight globalization, a ‘One World Government’ the megalomania, the unbridled greed of those who have engineered the inevitable destruction of this once great nation.

Good Night America.

Good Night America
By Old Fart

Posted on the Independent Newswire on 24 February 2002

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