Long before September the eleventh, the Jeffersonian dream was betrayed - a mockery 'democracy' prevails - the much abused expression reduced to an expletive - American 'corporate governance' by Washington's, Jefferson, De Toque Ville, Galbraith, Eisenhower, Truman’s, much feared 'military industrial complex' now harsh reality - the 'public voice' silenced.

Echoes of Mark Twain's comments - of the racist T.R. - no satire scarcely possible - occupies the summit himself. The Monroe Doctrine a reality. Not content with world wide militant commitments we're back in South America - tricks in Venezuela. Our actions don't fit our words. The much abused near expletive 'democracy' - calling for peace while 'top weapon salesman' to all the conflicting parties - the reward for the 'Beltway Bandits' billion dollar bonuses, for the U.S. 'Government' corporate establishment and for their 'jnr partner', for the weapons manufacturers, Los Alamos to Sellafield, Raytheon to McDonnell Douglas, the misdirected 'public monies' - over 'stuffed' orders from yesterday and tomorrow's 'regional conflicts' in Turkey, Iraq, Iran, the Indonesia, South East Asian genocides - and now, 'pay day' in the Middle-East. The latter the alliance, BritUS target since Reilly 'ace of spies' at the turn of the century. Not to forget the new NATO members we recruited from the 'Russian ramparts', the 'Border zone' of the E.U., the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland etc., perceived as a threat by Russia, an opportunity by it's devolving Republics - all adding to El Gran Garrotte's unpopular image. Verily, the U.S. and her 'jnr allie' the Brits, viewed now by some, as the 'death merchants' and, to all our concern - an 'accident about to happen'! Big time! The prevailing ethos of violence 'at home', pales in comparison. The saga of the McVeighs, the Ted Kazinski's, the Columbines, the 'murdering ice-hockey Dads', the Atticas, with the largest jail population in the industrialized world, the 'worst health care system' of the industrialized nations in the worlds richest country. We've got our priorities screwed up.

In an era of unending wars and violence, our targets - the 'axis of evil' now lined up - our strategy of unending retaliation - 'an eye for an eye' - forgetting Gandhi's reminder - 'and the whole world goes blind.' In a shrinking world with an escalating population with undiagnosed and untreated new lethal disease entities, of hunger and societal segregation, heritage of the colonial strategy of 'nifak', deliberately dividing a people - in a world of increasing disparities, of unrivalled wealth and poverty. And, the mindless focus, of U.S. Nuclear supremacy across the world and now, from our own contaminated environment into fathomless space - taunting fate toward the inevitable 'Nuclear confrontation - Nuclear weapons already polluting wherever we've staged our 'smart strikes', with a 'collateral damage' previously unsuspected, contamination for generations unborn, threatening unrivalled genetic deformities. No end in site. One 'Nuclear Accident' - a callous finger on the trigger and the U.S. Nuclear arsenal over a thousand times that is necessary to immolate our world - bombs of every conceivable type and we're working on more every day - cynically labeled 'Bunker Busters' to 'Daisy Cutters' etc., etc., with memories of 'Little Boy' and 'Fat Man' reaping a harvest of over 250,000 dead, Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The U.S., it's DOD, DOE, their generals, their manufacturing 'lobby', their White House 'Frat. Bros.,' sitting in an uneasy quarreling consensus - seeing no other path - like Hitler in the final days, in his Berlin 'fortress' denying the inevitable destruction. The U.S. now, with it's more than 70,000 Nuclear weapons and another 500 new weapons added each year by the Los Alamos Labs alone, now, in the views of too many, standing on the 'rim of disaster'. With a helpless, fearful, largely uninformed 'public voice', silenced by the 'at war' edict. Yet also, facing a different 'terrorists' over two centuries before - the heroic dissident voice brought the quarreling parties together to face a similar challenge in a different way. This, today, an era of challenges unparalleled in history - yet also, of opportunity. Both, similarly expressed in the single Chinese expression 'Weiji' equally translating to both challenge and opportunity. Now, barely time to pause, to take stock. More urgent, time to take stock.

In the historic words of Lord Acton, of our 'jnr partner' - 'Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely'. The heritage curiously, no different, harvest time - the well remembered penchant for conquest, oppression, exploitation, deliberate 'separatism' for the rest of Malthus and Ricardo's 'surplus humanity' - cannon fodder and cheap labor. Nifak, it's apartheid, haunting us still, east to west, from Ireland to India to Africa to the Middle-East, to the America's, to Indonesia, the colonial 'debris', are we obsessed with reliving their sorry role? Now, El Gran Garrotte, Mark Twain's 'big stick' in the words of Blatchford, British Colonial Secretary, 1890's - 'The Anglo-Saxon, the most efficient exterminator of the indigenous peoples in the western hemisphere.' Or, Churchill’s words, in later years, 'A dark side to my mind. I know thousands die each day in this war but, I confess, I love every minute of it.' This, in 1915, shortly after the failure of one of his own indulgences, the Gallipoli disaster, the death toll, over 250,000 colonial mercenaries, Australian and Irish among them. And, again, 'As the mind turns from the cloud land of aspiration to the ugly scaffolding of attempt .. the inevitable gap .. fills with the figures of the greedy trader, the lying speculators .. excites the sordid appetites of the conquerors. No prospect is approached by so fowl a path.'

We seek 'conflict resolution' - with a purpose, Join us! Let us join one another. We are the world, the now 'Global Village'. In the shadow of the recent and inevitable tragedy of 9/11, 'reaping the harvest' of our arrogance and our aggression - the prevailing corruption - from Ponzi to the Enron-Anderson debacle - the unseen links to the Corporate 'government' that runs our 'Foreign Affairs' - authors of our 'Transnational Corporate' strategy, their covert agenda - the continuing infringement on basic human rights, their tribunals, their Nuclear 'brinksmanship'. The 'new Imperialists' reminders of their previous and recent 'failures' - from Vietnam to Iraq - and, in the past, Cambodia to Columbia to Nicaragua to Lebanon etc. Our goal now, not to see this strategy, this 'covert agenda' continue without increasing and responsive government accountability.

We see now, the fears George Washington, of Jefferson, of De Toque Ville, later Galbraith, of Eisenhower and others, their nightmare realized - the assumption of power and control of the public mind and purse by the Military Industrial Complex - a myriad of evasive corporate figures melding into government through the DOE, so called, the DOD, their lobbyists, their Enrons, Andersons, a corrupt and autocratic dictatorship of Capital gone astray. Truly now, selling the wrong product - a mockery of 'democracy'. The death of a salesman or, Pogo's aphorism 'we have met the enemy and it is us.'

Niall P. Mac Allister MD (fdr of not for profit program - for conciliation and community socio-economic re-empowerment) formerly professor and specialist in the medical health sciences.

Death of a Salesman!
By Niall P. MacAllister


Posted on the Independent Newswire on 23 April 2002
Ref: www.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=175484

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