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“Eventually, someone’s going to have to tell the truth. Once those people are dealt with according to law, there will be no more false terror spread across the globe” -- Mike Vreeland, a U.S. Naval Intelligence officer, who was able to write details that described the events of September 11 while locked in a jail cell, more than a month before the attacks occurred. Ref:

1. The Israeli Spy Ring

2. Al-Qaeda

3. Regarding the Unthinkable

4. The Pentagon

5. Collapse of the Twin Towers

6. Remote Controlled Air Planes

7. Anthrax

8. Flying Expertise of the Hijackers

9. The Cell Phone Calls From the Planes

10. Air Space

11. Overviews of What Really Happened -- Common Sense and Facts Point to a Different Reality -- That is More in Line with Known Facts and Reality

12. More Links to Informative and Investigative Sites / Articles

13. On Investigations - In the Face of the Absence of Real Journalism in the Mainstream - And the Next Cloned President of the United States

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