1. “A Square Peg in a Round Hole - Facts Don’t Fit Official Story” A short collection of converging information on why the passenger jet, or the passenger jet alone, did not/could not cause the destruction to a portion of the Pentagon

2. “More ‘Official’ Lies About 911 Falling Apart.” Article posted by anonymous with a wake-up comment from Hu-Man

3. More Helpful Web Links on Flight 77

4. Other Questions and Pieces to the Bigger Picture

“The American people and the Taliban are all the same in the eyes of the globalist elites and their high-ranking traitor military stooges” -- Dick Eastman

5. An Out of Control Military and Pulse Weapons. An article on an attack on a Tennessee media outlet by Alfred Webre, EcoNews Service (Vancouver, BC). It is important to know about this operation and these weapons because: A) Could be coming to you; B) Could have been used in the WTC and Pentagon attacks, as unconventional craft were present at the time. See article 1 above (in this Menu) and article 2 in the Collapse of the Twin Towers Menu where other anomalous objects were identified.

The military has moved into an aggressive era of “invisible” warfare




Of course, they will be stopped and things will change.

In the Meantime: Pilots Beware, Guns in the Cockpit Won’t Help You or Your Plane’s Safety.

You and your craft can be disabled by:

A) Lethal gas

See “Ghost Riders in the Sky” article by Professor A.K. Dewdney in the 9-11 Menu section entitled, Overviews of What Really Happened -- Common Sense and Facts Point to a Different Reality -- That is More in Line with Known Facts and Reality [then press back button]

B) Global Hawk Remote-Controlled Technology -- see above Menu and others

Or, perhaps, another likely scenario as it is the modus operandi of the major intelligence agencies:

C) False Warning, Trust and then Betrayal - Where You Yourself Obey the Orders to Your Own and Your Craft’s Doom

6. Scientifically Pulling Apart the Pentagon. Information by Dick Eastman with Peter Meyer

7. “Did a Boeing Hit the Pentagon”



The conclusion from this and other Menus. The Pentagon is a traitorous military stooge of the Global elite, and their high ranking stooges in the U.S. Government. See also “Operation Northwoods” in the Axis of Evil Pie Menu, Pentagon Section -- where a loss of life, that is, of one’s own citizens, is a small price to pay to obtain military/political objectives.

Note, we have machines in power, not humans, where loss of life is of no concern in their world dictatorship objective, and in fact is used (i.e. people are killed intentionally) as an emotional ploy on the masses to obtain and achieve their objective. (One need only read the Global Elite’s Social Engineering Document, in the 666 Menu--Section B. A Money System that Destroys and Enslaves--to understand the inhuman, cold ”objectivity” that these people possess).

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