Please read this and view the pictures. If these pictures are real, and I believe that they are since they are "officially released" pictures, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE THAT A BOEING 757 IMPACTED THE PENTAGON AND THEN EXPLODED!!

Questions to ask yourself when viewing these images:

- For the physics whizzes out there:

Why is the Pentagon so lightly damaged after being struck by 100 ton (approx. 91,000 Kg) Boeing 757-200 flying at approximately 600 miles per hour (270 m/s), equaling a force of 35,200,000 kilojoules. This is simply the energy that the walls of the Pentagon would have to absorb from the plane alone. This does not take into account the combustive energy of the jet fuel!!

- If you accept the official version of the events -- that it hit the lawn of the Pentagon first -- why is the lawn perfectly unmarked??

Please click this link to view the pictures:

This is from a report on the potential for disaster if a commercial airliner were to [strike] a nuclear reactor. Apply this to the Pentagon, which might or might not have the same structural protection as a nuclear reactor:

"It estimated that if just 1 percent of a jetliner's fuel ignited after impact, it would create an explosion equivalent to 1,000 pounds of dynamite inside a reactor building already damaged by the impact. The report suggested U.S. regulators had underestimated the potential damage from such an explosion."

I think that those defending the official version of events will have to start answering some questions now, not those erroneously dismissed as "conspiracy theorists"!!

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Unabashed BLIND Arrogance!!!!
by Hu-Man 9:44pm Tue Mar 12 '02

[In response to previous comments]

First of all "anti-crusader", if you are going to be a sarcastic jackass, learn to spell first. Secondly, why is every one deriding the no-plane theory so much? Look at the satellite images. Not a single goddamned piece of aircraft! Secondly, The one image I've seen with that one pathetically tiny scrap of alleged wreckage is not convincing at all. It could easily have been planted for that silly set-up of a photo. Thirdly, The lawn, shortly after the explosion, in front of the alleged impact area looks friggin' untouched! Use your eyes sheople! What do you plainly see, or rather, not see, in the "official" DOD satellite images. Hmmmmmmm.Duhhhhhhhh.

There are other possibilities for accounting for the missing aircraft. Finally, Why is it so motherfucking goddamned far-fetched to think that the likes of the PENTAGON, BUSH, CHENEY, HERR RUMSFELD, would not be completely lying about this whole charade! This psychotic sicko military coup Psy-Op, was planned a long time ago. These are the same maniacal psychopaths that imported more heroine and cocaine around the world than anyone currently alive, have carried out mass murder, equipped and trained death squads, and all around raped the indigenous peasantry and the land in Latin America, southeast Asia, Africa, etc. I mean fuck; Prescott Bush was one of the main Wall St. financiers of the Nazi Third Reich. The war criminal mass-murderer Henry Kissinger even went on record stating that Herr Rumsfeld was the "most ruthless man I have ever known". And you think that they are not capable of pulling this off? For these monsters, this was mere child's play! Can you not see what these fetid vile murderers are doing? WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!! BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!!!!

Posted on the Independent Newswire on 12 March 2002

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