Note from Dewdney on 30 March 2002

Dear Sirs or Madame,

Salaam aleikum (peace be upon you).

You may recall an earlier release of this same document, now updated to describe an even simpler method of hijacking commercial aircraft electronically. You will appreciate that this document has grown and been improved by being distributed via several agencies and network organizations that resulted in many useful email messages being received, some of them from people with expertise in aviation, politics, or what have you.

This is not a “conspiracy theory,” but an alternative scenario. By demonstrating the feasibility, not to say ease, of electronic hijacking, I also demonstrate that the US Administration showed poor judgment by not considering other possibilities. Under the assumption that something like the scenario spelled out here actually took place September 11, I do not hesitate to indicate the likely perpetrators, however.

I have included the document below and have also attached it in two different formats. Please feel free to distribute it with the usual caveats.

All best salaams

A.K. Dewdney


The author of the above linked article, “Ghost Riders in the Sky” is Professor A.K. Dewdney, a Professor of Computer Science, and is a science writer and a student of Middle Eastern Affairs.

His home page can be viewed at:

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