Common Sense and Facts Point to a Different Reality
That is More in Line with Known Facts and Reality

The following overview reminds one of the U.S. golfer Payne Stewart’s small private jet with passengers and crew being disabled while in flight, which with the unconscious/dead pilots, went off course, but then, unlike the four hijacked planes on September 11, being attended to by military jets. As with the Egypt Air** “suicide” pilot, just out of New York, who fought valiantly with the captain to regain control of the remote-controlled hijacked aircraft from the ground, were they just both “test runs” for the four technological sophisticated hijackings and disabling of the crew and passengers that took place on 11 September 2001? Perhaps John F. Kennedy Jnr’s plane was also technologically hijacked in flight in the same way--taking a mysterious steep dive into the ocean--after all, like his father, he would have posed a real threat to the old guard, establishment status quo. (Look who’s in his place, as Senator “from” New York, old guard/New World Order player, Hillary Clinton.)

**Egypt Air Flight 990 in the year 1999

1. “Ghost Riders in the Sky” by Professor A.K. Dewdney

The following overview discounts the possibility of electronic hijacking, and brings in the possibility of the “great bluff” -- fooling and manipulating the pilots under a false, national security alert.

2. “The World Trade Center Demolition” - by Peter Meyer

The following two overviews bring more of the political/historical reality on the ground. In reading these two overviews one gets the sense i) that there has been too much, prepared policy with a set course ii), that “reactions” to the reality created tended to be out of synch with the “dialogue” of events, circumstances and facts happening on the ground and iii), above all, a good leader would not instinctively want to lead a nation into war, but, instinctively, to peace, truth and justice so as to avoid all war.

3. “His Own Worst Enemy - World Backlash Builds Against Bush - Blood in the Water, Part 1” by William Thomas


“We must thoughtfully consider where the real source of terror lies: with one bearded fanatic in an impoverished Middle Eastern country, or with those who would profit while shredding the US Constitution in the name of defending freedom.”

4. “An Overview of the War on Terrorism” by Jim Marrs

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