The following reports add more suspicion to the official story of a hi-jacked passenger jet by Muslim/Arab “terrorists” intentionally ploughing into a portion of the Pentagon and causing its destruction. See also 5c and 5d in the Covering Up the Cover Up Menu, where eyewitness accounts around the Pentagon have reported, “Some sort of plane followed the doomed American Airlines jet toward the Pentagon, then veered away after the explosion.”


“This video shows a small white airplane streaking into the Pentagon followed by a big explosion. I’m told the plane had a very carefully calculated payload of explosives on it, which exploded on impact. I’m told that this small white plane was being piloted and controlled REMOTELY by a highly sophisticated technology in the hands of an expert working for the corporation which developed the technology.” -- By Dove, posted by Gary Larrabee on the Independent Newswire on 13 March 2002.



6 March 2002
From a retired pilot:

“I flew the Boeing 747 JUMBO jet, but not this 757. I retired before this came into service. But, from what I see (or don’t see) looking at these pictures, it’s hard to pick out aircraft parts. The wingtips alone would have sheared off and bounced back into the street, the engines (2) would have penetrated deeper into the wall and framing structure further than any other part making a definite hole. The belly of the aircraft contains fuel tanks, baggage, mail bags, and cargo; none of this type of debris can be seen. Assuming 8600 gallons of kerosene fuel @ specific gravity of approximately 6.9 lbs/gal (temperature considered) weight of the fuel would be close to 60,000 lbs and would splatter everywhere. Where are the seats, those with passengers buckled in would be ripped out of the floor, for that matter, where are the passengers? I have never seen an aircraft accident where the aircraft evaporated upon impact, water, land or buildings. If these pictures were taken within 3 days after 9/11, there would have been definite remains of parts. I don’t see any. However, digital computer photos can be doctored up to suit any lawyers cause. From the photos shown, there ain’t no fly in this pudding.


Now, a few interesting comments found on the website [Ref:] that “piece in” with the “small plane” report from Gary Larabee above, and the retired pilot’s account of “what happened to the plane” - once it hit. These comments are in response to the “official, never-before-seen” photographs obtained by NBC News from the Department of Defense. “Never-before-seen” would be correct, as we find in the Covering Up the Cover Up Menu (5c and 5d), that the real (telling) videos were confiscated by the FBI from the adjacent buildings in the area which caught the event on their own security cameras.

The official film clip being discussed:

The poster of this film clip asks, “Where is Flight 77?”

[Confirmation of the retired pilot report about the actual Boeing ploughing into the Pentagon as Being Doubtful or Out of the Norm:]

Plane Sliding...Yeah Right!
by Hu-Man 7:26pm Thu Mar 7 '02

If you look at the film clip, over and over again and slide the bar back and forth you will see that there is something moving at the base of the buliding. I personally think it simply may be the force of the explosion moving out from the building. There is no evidence of any object as large as a Boeing 757 sliding across the lawn and plowing in to the side of the Pentagon. Another example of poorly concoted DOD/MID "evidence". Of course the herd will simply beieve anything that they are told to believe.

[Thoughts on another plane, that was not the Boeing that caused the destruction to a portion of the Pentagon: Confirms the Gary Larabee report from above:]

It's a Plane
by Mirror on the Mountain 7:56pm Thu Mar 7 '02

No, that's not a bomb. I see no reason to believe it's not a plane, unless someone else has a better theory. Why wouldn't it be a plane? I think that what is more important is that this shows smart bomb like precision. I mean, that's amazing for a human. Especially since we're talking about completely green pilot students and not seasoned pros. It's almost as if it were guided using a smart bomb like laser guidence system.

There is no evidence of this in this case, but it is public knowledge that there has been a system in place that can over ride commercial plane computers remotely in case of an emergency. This, coupled with the fact that the government isn't releasing any "black box" audio (what have they got to hide?), makes me very suspicious.

[In the case of the “evaporated” plane as touched on by the retired pilot report:]

Yes But.....Other Possibilities As Well
by Hu-Man 9:07pm Thu Mar 7 '02

Yes, the overriding system you speak of, Global Hawk technology is a definite possibility. Yes, I also considered that flight 93 had been shot down elsewhere. Also, as far as WTC goes, there is a Japanese website that shows some extremely suspicious anomalous images around the towers, which were definitely not conventional aircraft. After the personal research I have done, my conclusion is that those anomalous images around the towers were EM Pulse Crafts that were used to hyper-vibrate the towers to the ground. Very similar to scalar weapon technology. These were developed by Phillips Corp. and were developed at the Phillips Naval Research Laboratories. I think all the mind-controlled "hijackers" and Global Hawk Technology were just many layers of the most brazen Psy-Ops Imaginable. This whole sick mass mind-fuck was perhaps the most effective and succesful DOD/MID Psy-Ops thus far.

[Another small plane report that confirms the Gary Larabee report above:]

No Furrow
by Prometheus 9:17pm Thu Mar 7 '02

There is no furrow dug into the ground where the plane was supposed to have hit. In the pictures I've seen there is no damage outside of the building at all, zip, zero, nada, bupkus.

The soundtrack of the five-picture series says that the plane hit the ground before it hit the Pentagon, "almost simultaneously."

The plane in the pictures seems rather small, but what do I know?
Apparently this is news down under as well:


For a superimposed image of the Boeing 757 on the Pentagon see:



The following is from Henry Ayre regarding the first AP reports of a truck bomb at the Pentagon. What must not be lost is that the facts point more and more away from Muslim/Arab/Islamic “terrorists” as being perpetrators and masterminds of the attacks.


The rule of thumb for independent news analysts declares that the first reports of an incident are more likely to be true than the later ones, when the spin-masters take hold...

Missing: One Boeing full of people

"The Associated Press first reported that a booby-trapped truck had caused the explosion."

The French investigative site, the "Chair of the Réseau Voltaire," has made a fairly good case that the Pentagon, last September 11th, was not struck by a low-flying Boeing commercial jet, but that it was probably, as first reported, damaged by a truck bomb.

Let's assume for the moment that this is true, that the damage was solely due to a truck bomb. This leads to some very crucial questions, questions that are potentially fatal for the government story of Arab terrorists. First question, why would the Pentagon say the damage was done by a hijacked commercial jet if it had been done by a truck bomb. Was a truck bomb just too tacky and déclassé?

Or, was a "hijacked" Boeing supposed to hit the Pentagon, was that the plan, and the truck bomb not a part of the original plan at all? Or, was there never any intention of damaging the Pentagon at all, was the truck bomb a wildcard happening that was never anticipated, an event that would seriously muddy the waters, one which quick thinking by Pentagon officers - with the help of the faithful mass media - skillfully blended into the strike on the World Trade Towers? But then, was the attack on the Pentagon entirely separate from the WTC strike? Or was the truck bomb a backup in case something went wrong with the plan to have the Boeing crash into the Pentagon?

It should be perfectly clear, even to those of modest intellect, that even a 50-50 probability that a truck bomb damaged the Pentagon - as versus a commercial jet - will deliver a fatal blow to the already very shaky Federal govt's story of wild Arab suicide bombers. We will be left with... what? We will be left with the growing conviction that this entire nightmare was planned and executed by the Pentagon itself!

But now we are left with one Boeing commercial jet full of people... missing!

Where is it? Where are they? Are they all right?

All the people in that jet are dead. No way would they be permitted to remain living, any more than the people in the jet shot down in Pennsylvania.

There must be no living witnesses to testify that there were no Arab hijackers commandeering the planes. Probably what happened to the plane which was supposed to hit the Pentagon (by the Pentagon's own plans!) is that the pilot, like the other over PA [Pennsylvania], was able to break the electronic lock on the aircraft controls. Then it was promptly shot down... probably over water.

As soon as this occurred, the truck carrying the explosives was rushed into place and detonated... as the Associated Press first reported. That explosion was then attributed to the plane that was supposed to do that job...

Something like that. Think about it for a while. Ideas will come. None of them will lead to a Muslim in a cave, though.

H. Ayre.

Received 8 March 2002


What happened to the passenger jet?

A convergence of facts has occurred here, where:

The report from the retired pilot on the "evaporated" plane, and the comment from "Hu-Man" above, previous to the Henry Ayre report, of the psy-ops "hyper-vibration" technology, means the missing plane and passengers were, perhaps, through this technology, simply evaporated—which gels with the eyewitness accounts and real video from the adjacent businesses in the area that there was a passenger jet at the Pentagon—however, "passenger" jet is not 100 percent confirmed.

Further, as the other possibility, that since there was no real evidence that it crashed into the Pentagon, and that there were other anomalous objects/planes around, it has been suggested that it was shot down over the water.

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