To any US servicemen or -women reading this post, OBSERVE YOUR OATH! Defend our Constitution against all enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC! You’ve got the guns and you know what to do with them. HONOR YOUR OATH!

A reminder from a small “d” democrat.

1. The March of Murder, Mayhem and Fascism: A Comment by Mike Niendorff Entitled: “No Amount of Spin Will Disguise This”

2. The Death of Senator Paul Wellstone

“The regime will pump so much disinformation out there to cover up the facts, it will make it impossible for anyone to find out what the hell happened. There are still newslists of people debating who killed JFK for chrissakes. The fact of the matter is the man was murdered, end of fucking story. We already know who stands to benefit from his death, just like they stood to benefit from the death of 3000 innocent Americans on 9/11. The Bush family and the entire clan of criminals surrounding them need to be arrested immediately and charged with 3000 counts of first degree murder with one count being Wellstone's and a 185 counts the Aussies murdered in Bali. And a couple more counts for the goddamn DC sniper. They should be arrested for these murders and tried for high treason, before they start their mass murder campaign in Iraq and plunge the world into war” - Wes on the Independent Newswire.

a. “Paul Wellstone Was Murdered - Just Like Mel Carnahan” by Cheryl Seal

b. “Senator Paul Wellstone: Accident or Murder?” by Editorial Board of WSWS

c. “Paul Wellstone Dies in Plane Crash; Foul Play Suspected” by Portland Independent Media Center

d. “BushCo., vs. Wellstone: Means, Motive, and Opportunity” by Charles Degelman

e. “Perfect Way to Sabotage a Landing Airplane” by Mr. Bill

3. The Farce of Voting

a. E-Mail from a Florida Poll Worker

b. Three GOP Wins in Texas With Identical Vote Counts” by AP

c. “Cyberfraud: Who Really Won the Elections? Are We All Floridians Now?” by Joel Meyers

d. “Rothschilds Family Part Owner of Largest Voting Machine Company” by Paulie

“Power lies in the growth of awareness” - Herbert de Souza, Brazilian human rights activist

“I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts” - Abraham Lincoln



Scattered resistance by Republican Nazis across the US is quickly countered by the Peoples Liberation Forces of the US Military who have arrested most members of the US judiciary, executive and congressional branches of the unelected US regime to be tried in the World Court for Crimes Against Humanity.

Imperialist Wars of US Empire Aggression have been stopped by courageous elements of the US Military.

A New Constitutional Convention [to attack-proof the Constitution] is now being organized - this after various civil organizations have called the World General Strike very effective in flushing out the nazi-controlled US government.

A post on the Independent Newswire on 12 November 2002.

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