Paul Wellstone, the courageous Democratic senator from Minnesota who dared to defy Bush and vote against his war resolution, died on October 24. His death was nearly identical to that of Dem Sen Mel Carnahan in 2000. Like Wellstone, Carnahan was up for reelection. He was ahead in the polls. It was October. Election night was just two weeks away. Then Carnahan and members of his family are killed in a plane crash. His opponent John Ashcroft still lost when Carnahan's widow ran in Mel's place. This time the goons took no chances and made sure they got the wife, too? (Mrs. Wellstone was also killed).

I can feel in my bones, in my heart, and in my soul that Senator Paul Wellstone was murdered. Maybe not by the CIA, but at the very least by GOP operatives. A serious accusation? Damn right, and I mean it, in all seriousness. I only half-seriously wondered if Mel Carnahan, running against John Ashcroft in Missouri, had been murdered. Remember him? Same identical thing: right before the election, with a strong lead, he dies in a plane crash. Another voice of Democracy silenced by those who would murder not just good men, but Democracy herself.

Less than two weeks ago, here in Baltimore, a family of seven was murdered, burned to death in their homes in what was supposed to have looked like an "accidental" fire for speaking out against drug lords. Now Paul Wellstone has spoken out against the oil lords and he and his family are dead.

My heart feels ripped apart. Here was a man of courage and conscience. An American hero in the truest sense of the world. When so many of his colleagues in Congress cowered, afraid to uphold truth, Wellstone risked all to stand up and say "Enough!" I remember reading how, before the vote, he called his aides and family together to tell them. I may be finished politically, but I must vote my conscience. Please understand. What a fine human being. And now, he is dead. Can anyone not totally brainwashed believe this is a coincidence - less than two weeks before a critical election, with Wellstone surging ahead in the polls. This was murder. I do not know how. I do not know by whom. But murder, it most surely was.

This is it, folks, war has been declared on us by those among us who seek to give absolute power to a fascist regime that wants to plunge us and the world into an eternal war to fuel their own lust for wealth and power. If America allows this murder to go unaddressed, uninvestigated by an unbiased, thorough investigators in a search for facts open at every turn to the public, then our nation is doomed. The Nazis are here to stay. Who then, will be next?

Will Wellstone's less courageous colleagues in Congress finally now find the guts and conscience to speak up and demand justice. Their fallen brother deserved their support on October 11 and failed to get it. Will they give it now? God and America are watching.

Paul Wellstone Was Murdered Just Like Mel Carnahan
By Cheryl Seal

Posted on the Independent Media on 25 October 2002.