Computers were caught cheating for GOP in Texas. The Voter News Service, on Election Day morning, abruptly dropped exit polling, hiding a possible gaps from official results which differed from consistent pre-election surveys, with GOP beating astronomical odds in every case! What gives?

Most analyses of the recent election have been made under the dubious assumption that the results were accurate and graphically reflected a depression of Democratic Party votes.

But what if the results were created by a massive fraud? What if the Democrats actually had the majority of votes, and should control both houses of Congress (as well as the presidency), but we were given numbers generated by computers programmed to show Republican victories?

One wide-ranging consequence will have been that the fraud was part of the intimidation that induced the Security Council to unanimously and illegally approve Bush's aggression against Iraq. It is common sense that if Bush could have gotten that vote the day before the election, that vote would have been a useful feather in his cap improving Republican election prospects. If on the other hand, he got a failure in the UN before the election, it would have set the Republicans back. So it is logical to think that the election results, which are purported to show "the country is behind Bush", were a factor in swinging the UN.

A number of circumstances suggest that the numbers may have been cybercooked!

The first peculiarity was the last-minute decision by Voter News Service, which feeds all the major media networks, to cancel out on their usual practice of exit polls. The absence of exit polls would eliminate discovery of a possible huge gap between what the voters told pollsters about their votes, and how the votes were "registered" and presented to the public.

Then there is the wild discrepancy between the poll counts, supposedly with a 4% margin of error, were off many times that number. The calculations of the odds against that discrepancy are not a difficult matter, but with the numbers involved in the samples, they are astronomical. Guess what? All the discrepancies show Republicans winning races that were predicted as Democratic victories!

In fact, many seasoned columnists cast prognostications shockingly out of touch with the media-conveyed results. For example, Dick Morris, a master electioneer who has worked for both Democrats and Republicans and who is now a newspaper columnist, predicted a Democratic surge in the election, basing himself on the polls, but right after the election felt forced to write a retractive column conceding he had "egg on his face." Now it seems more likely that the predictions were correct, except for the monkeying of the results, and the "egg" may reflect his retraction.

Then we have a concrete example, written up in the Houston Chronical ( where a computer chip was "caught" throwing a heavily Democratic-won race in Scurry County, TX, to the Republicans, with landslide-looking figures! The error was only discovered when pollwatchers couldn't believe the results, and did a recount with a fresh chip that they insisted be flown in. The corrected results with the new chip tallied with a hand recount of the optically scanned ballots. What if the poll watchers fell for the fraud, or were less determined in correcting the results, or simply intimidated by the awe in which computers are held? You bet: the Republican would be in, the winner-Democrat would be out. How many other computer tallies were not caught?

The Republican candidate himself acted surprised to hear why his victory had to be reversed. He phoned congratulations to his Democratic opponent immediately. It is likely that the candidates themselves cannot all be told about the vote, even in their favor, being electronically rigged, because knowledge of that method would spread and be raised when the same candidate was proclaimed the loser in a subsequent election. The candidate has no "need to know", and would want to not know: to maintain the deniability of personal accountability flowing from guilty knowledge. Operatives behind the scenes, culled from sicko "intelligence" agencies, would perform the fix behind the scenes, working with the software.

As someone with some familiarity with how computers work, a simple vote-counting program would have to be deliberately misprogrammed to do the job fraudulently.

The former example involved optically-scanned ballots, i.e., pieces of paper which the voter personally marks. Now what about the voting in some areas where there is no physical ballot at all, only touch-screen voting? In addition to discriminating against the poor and racial minorities who are not as often familiar with computers, an untraceable, unrecountable ballot can sign, seal and deliver a fraudulent election. There couldn't have been a hand recount, get it? See

At least in the State of Nebraska, serious disclosure problems with the companies who compute the elections cover up huge conflicts of interest, beyond the fact that electronic election processing is monopolized by just a handful of privately owned companies, overwhelmingly likely to be Republican-oriented from that fact alone. In Nebraska, 80% of the votes are handled by Election Systems and Software (ES&S). It turns out that ES&S is owned by the McCarthy Group, built around Michael McCarthy, the Campaign Treasurer and Federal Election Commission-designated Principle Campaign Committee for Republican Senator Chuck Hagel, and Chuck Hagel lists assets in McCarthy worth $1 to $5 million! Hagel was part of the first Bush administration, is also affiliated with the American Information Systems, another vote-counting company.

Hagel is the first Republican to become a US Senator in 24 years!

For further information about the Nebraska problem, see
We all now know from the combined media report issued on November 11, 2001 that "Gore got more" votes in Florida, but many of those votes went uncounted, and other non-existent votes were entered for Bush. The "mistake" by the Bush coupsters was to create too many auditable votes.

Of course other cheating methods clinched Bush's takeover. For example, Bush's brother Jeb, who happens to be governor of Florida, hired a company called Choicepoint to clear the registration files of 100,000 mainly Black, mainly Democratic voters, based on indications, in many places false, that these voters allegedly had felony records. During the recent Florida "election", these voters, deprived of their rights, still had not been restored. Thus Jeb Bush clings to criminally undemocratic power as Florida governor.

In fact, the current events reveal a pattern that calls into question the supposed legitimacy of Jeb Bush and George W. Bush in their seizure of governorships, in preparation for putting that son of a Bush in the White House. How could George W. Bush, that outward dumbbell, defeat the legendary Ann Richards? Well, maybe, but it is highly questionable.

Republicans were allowed illegally to doctor thousands of absentee ballots, notably to add voter ID numbers which check against ballots falsely filed in an absentee's name. The courts approved of this forgery, after the David Boies Democratic legal team signaled it would have "nothing to do" with questioning that flagrant illegality.

On top of this, confusing ballots in populous Broward County caused hundreds if not thousands of Democrats to vote for fascistic third party candidate Patrick Buchanan. In heavily Black Duval County, tens of thousands of "overvotes" intended for Gore were thrown out because voters followed deliberately misleading instructions to "vote on every page."

These criminal irregularities amount to treason when committed in the context of an illegal White House takeover in subversion of constitutional election processes. A traitor sits in the White House, with Democrats largely as silent on that point as they are loud in covering up the JFK assassination in a past and continuing coup.

The amazing thing is that will all the manipulation and outright vote stealing on the highest level of sophistication, Gore still got more votes. Probably, an honest investigation would show he won by a landslide, and not just in Florida.

Sadly, the Gore Democrats, through their star-studded David Boies legal team sabotaged Gore's remaining possibilities. They refused to contest or even acknowledge the mass racist disenfranchisement, Duval County ballots, or the thousands of Seminole and Martin County doctored absentee ballots, which were challenged only by an individual private citizen laboring under death threats for his efforts. Instead, they proposed they the December 12 deadline, and called for recounts to be limited to under counts in three counties, Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach. This set Gore up for the Supreme Court denial, rationalizing that only a statewide recount would be equitable. Ironically, it turns out that the statewide recount would have won for Gore by several thousand votes, whereas the selective three county recount would have left him still behind. Of course, most of the cheating was done in Republican-controlled counties where it was easier to cheat for Bush! Now was Boies a deliberate saboteur, or did he fall into an incredibly stupid series of mistakes? You decide.

Al Gore finally made a pitiful concession speech, in which he amazingly proclaimed the United States "a nation of god and law, not of men!" In other words, a theocratic police state, rather than a "democracy".

The Republicans cannot be successfully fought at this time without also fighting the tendency among the Democrats to cooperate in their own demise, out of misguided patriotism and loyalty to the capitalist system, if not always to the most greed-driven arrangements within it.

We are closer to fascism if even the media-manipulated elections between imperialist parties are now hollowed out with abject and total fraud.

Cyberfraud: Who Really Won The Elections
By Joel Meyers

Posted on the Independent Newswire on 11 November 2002.