A Comment by Mike Niendorff Entitled: “No Amount of Spin Will Disguise This”

…. your comment to this IMC article on the Wellstone crash was *so damn good*, just had to post it again . . .

No amount of spin will disguise this. (english)
Mike Niendorff 9:38pm Fri Oct 25 '02
niendorf@ix.netcom.com article#212582

Mel Carnahan's murder.
The judicial coup d'etat of 12/12/2000.
9/11 forewarnings ignored, Bush fights to stop full investigation.
An anthrax assassin who only targets Democratic Senators and members of media-other-than-FOX-News.
The USA-PATRIOT act (RIP Bill of Rights)
Right-wing "watch" lists springing up against dissenters.
The Afghanistan War, and the Caspian Basin oil connection.
Indefinite, secret imprisonment -- no charge, no trial, no counsel, no rights. All at Bush's discretion.
And now, BushCo. has its sights on a middle east war.

cut to this morning:

A "toss up" election, with the outcome determining control of the Senate and, by extension, control of a potential 9/11 investigation, control of right-wing plans for stacking the courts and control of the purse-strings for Bush's new war plans. Suddenly, less than two weeks before the election, Paul Wellstone -- Bush's well-known enemy-number-one -- dies in a plane crash, along with his wife and son. Guess there won't be a Jean Carnahan this time, folks.

That being said : even if every wingnut in America gets together to spam Indymedia, DemocraticUnderground, and all the other places where this is being dicsussed, your efforts will amount to little more than pissing in the wind. Spin all you like. Misdirect all you like. Go ahead : post your hate-spam here, in your transparent attempts to turn people's stomachs before they wise up to the real situation. Do every filthy thing that appears in your little handbooks, manuals and in your tiny, corrupt, sociopathic little minds. It won't matter. The truth is simply too obvious at this point. Even the most pathologically-patient of the moderates are catching on. We don't have to tell them anything. The simple truth is that nobody is getting fooled anymore. The truth is just that obvious.

Every last one of us can connect the fucking dots. So can you, for that matter, which is why you're scared to death and frantically spamming your bullshit onto these boards. Every one of us sees what is going on in our country. You -- the United Wingnuts of America -- are fascists and traitors. *You* are the "cancer within" that you seek. Your days in power are numbered.


The March of Murder, Mayhem and Fascism
No Amount of Spin Will Disguise This
By Mike Niendorff

Posted on the Independent Newswire on 26 October 2002.
Ref: www.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=212620