“Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil”

First the last word on 9-11. A commentary entitled “Monkeying Around with Curious George” by Oak

The aim of this site in its first Phase had been to bring the independent research, discoveries and insights of the events revolving around 9-11 to a central base for those who were not yet familiar with the truth of 9-11. As the 9-11 events are still unravelling in various ways, with more of the official lines falling apart, or seeming painfully suspicious, our job, with the forced exposure of the Beast and the breaking of its code has given us leave to ready stages 2 - 4 on this site.

Many good websites and links have been provided on the 9-11 debacle along the way in the articles and Menus for further, expanded reading and in-depth perusing. However, like the article above states, there is enough evidence in the form of inconsistencies, suspicions, cover-ups, questions, untruths, lies, deception and disinformation that have been discovered in the unravelling of the “official” lines [i.e. lies] on 9-11 to warrant a clean sweep [and later on, out] of The System.

As well as people’s “feel” of events, their gut feelings, insights and intuitions and their courage to voice it, a lot of work and energy has gone into the research also by courageous, intelligent, thinking people who have followed and analysed events closely and are not afraid to speak out about the 9-11 fraud. For the reader, there is enough material on this site and a consensus to alert one and all to the “foul play” by the authorities, and the dire and grim course they are leading us to. We hope that our web address, NewWorldPeace.com will be passed on to others by our visitors for that particular reason. One thing that is making itself known, as we go on in time, is that none of the official lines on 9-11 can hold up to close scrutiny.

What we have found interesting at this time, and it is where we have left it, is the collapse of the towers. The laws of physics have explained to us that the towers came down too quickly for it to have been “fire destroyed” through the melting and collapse of the steel structure. For one thing the fire was not hot enough to sustain a steady heat that would have collapsed the steel structure--a structure that went beyond the building codes of the city and was re-inforced to sustain a direct hit by a large passenger jet. [Notice how the towers were standing at the time of the hit, plus, the floors were hermetically sealed to prevent the spread of fire between floors, as would have the sprinkler system]. Further, in the collapse of the towers, the floors of concrete should have collapsed one onto the other, one onto the other in a braking effect as opposed to a complete free fall, which would have slowed the rate at which the towers collapsed. Instead, we find a complete and immense obliteration of concrete in one fell swoop or free fall where the towers’ own resistive systems played no role.

Further, a free fall is consistent with an earth-tremor on a small scale--as was monitored at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Observatory on that day. A building falling or collapsing the conventional way--without explosives--would cause a much larger earth tremor.

[See Covering Up the Cover-Up Menu, and “Fire Did Not Bring Down the Twin Towers - Explosives Were Used” in the same Menu.].

In putting the facts together, two possibilities have arisen: the towers were internally imploded -- firemen and policemen have said that there were definite sounds of explosives going off at intervals consistent with controlled implosions at the scene, and Israeli agents with demolition expertise [Zionists have a factual history of terror bombing -- and then blaming it on the Arabs] were seen jumping up and down and high fiving one another at the time the towers were collapsing.

The other possibility was brought forth by an East German physicist who described the collapse similar to destruction by laser weaponry. A laser destroyed building would not cause rubbles of concrete one would expect to see in a fire-destroyed building--but the type of fine dust and ash seen billowing into the street from the buildings’ disintegration. A fireman who had been on the fourth floor of the building said that when the building collapsed, he expected the floors on top to come crashing down on him, instead he found himself sitting on the debris with the open, blue sky above him (Report from Ground Zero, p101). Another had said that he was taken aback by how little debris was left of the huge towers, after seeing his share of what is left of a six or seven story building after a fire (p33).

[See the Collapse of the Twin Towers Menu.]

Also, anomalous object/s were captured on video around the towers on 9-11. As no one saw the first plane go into the first tower on television as it was happening (only President Bush who was able to capture it on his close circuit television--and speak about it later, a mistake on his part, because he had foreknowledge it appears), it is believed by the shape of one of the objects going into the North tower to be a missile.

At the same time, apart from the questionable “fire destroyed” buildings, there is the question of the hijackings themselves. Given the pitiful flight ability of the so-called “Arab hijackers”, and the extraordinary absence of NORAD--the North American Aerospace Defense Command agency charged with the safety of the North American skies even in the absence of transponders (identifying and tracking devices on planes and the procedure in their absence - see Air Space Menu, Item 3, "A Pilot Answers 9-11 Questions Joint Chiefs of Staff General Myers Wouldn't"), three possibilities have arisen that are more in line with the facts of 9-11: 1) commuter jets and one passenger jet loaded with incendiary devices and explosives were commandeered through remote control on the ground and flown into the buildings; 2) the pilots were bluffed into a “national security” scenario, flew the planes to a said destination as ordered, and then after being herded onto one of the planes with all the passengers and crew, were “disappeared” by being shot down over Pennsylvania; 3) the flight control system of the planes were reprogrammed in air to the doomed coordinates, that could not be over-ridden because the pilots--and everyone on board the plane--had been knocked out--by sarin, a fast acting deadly nerve gas.

[See the Remote Controlled Air Planes Menu, the Air Space Menu, “Ghost Riders in the Sky” by Professor A.K. Dewdney in the Overviews of What Really Happened, Common Sense and Facts Point to a Different Reality That is More in Line with Known Facts and Reality Menu, and Covering Up the Cover Up Menu.]

However, no matter how many more facts come out regarding 9-11, as they are added to or narrowed down, or whether the authorities attempt to white wash the whole or any of the investigation -- one thing remains true, and thanks to the people’s efforts in this Phase 1 of the site, the Beast has shown itself.

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