You know those three monkeys who know no evil? They’ve been around for a very long time. Sometimes they’re viewed in an ignorance-is-bliss sort of way, like New Age manifestations of navel gazers who attempt to rise above negativity. But, more often, the three monkeys are seen as either fools who refuse to acknowledge reality or culprits who won’t fess up to their crimes. Watching the Bush Administration’s reaction to mainstream media reports (independent media was on to the story months ago) on their prior 9-11 knowledge of Al-Qaeda operations was a lot like witnessing the three monkeys in action.

Dick Cheney, addressing New York’s Conservative Party (talk about “safe locations”), admonished the few Democrats in Washington with the backbone to speak-up for questioning the Administration’s lack of action on intelligence information given to the Whitehouse on, ahem, Hiroshima Day, a month before the World Trade Center and Pentagon disasters. Cheney called such talk “irresponsible in a time of war”. Hear no evil.

Whitehouse Press Secretary, Arie Fleischer, referring to that August 6 security briefing and earlier FBI revelations about potential Al-Qaeda hi-jacking of U.S. planes, including Zacarias Moussaoui's wish to fly airliners without taking off or landing, AND intelligence information on earlier plans to crash airliners into the Pentagon and the Eiffel Tower, said no one connected the dots (what are these guys paid to do?). See no evil.

And how about the present occupant in the Whitehouse? By the time you read this, George W. may have made some sort of heavily scripted, well-rehearsed statement on the issue, but quite frankly, the American public has yet to hear anything even vaguely reminiscent of the real world emanating from those smirking lips on ANY subject. Speak no evil?

It’s hard to sort through all the evil here. There’s so much of it coming from so many directions, if you know what I mean. I think our metaphor may be getting out of hand; monkeys are that way. Suffice it to say: It almost doesn’t matter if all the conspiracy theories about the Administration’s potential involvement in 9-11 are valid. They either knew and encouraged the event, or they had all the signs to know and screwed-up royally. Either way, they should be out the door; the lot of them. Surely the same ruthless rules of employment in corporate America apply to those in government fronting for the corporations, right? Or is there a double standard here, something that doesn’t apply to all the monkeying around that goes on in Washington?


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