“Have you noticed America is on the wrong side of every conflict in the world?”

—John Kaminski

1. “Behind The Scenes of the Iraq War” by Pravda.ru

2. “Israel Wants Strike on Syria While Iron’s Hot” by Robert Novak, Sun-Times Columnist

3. “Why We Should Give Israel More” by gogovialink

Of Israel's Mossad, American officers issued this warning: "Wildcard. Ruthless and cunning. Has capability to target US forces and make it look like a Palestinian Arab act." Why does the US, which is trillions of dollars in debt, give away billions of taxpayer dollars to a foreign government whose military violates international laws and whose Mossad is capable of murdering US troops in order to frame Arabs? Have we lost our minds?

4. “By Deception Thou Shalt Make War – Mossad” by Dr. Albert D. Pastore

5. “Wayne State University Student Council Votes to Divest from Israel 9 - 7" bv Shemon Salam

6. “Israel Seeks Pipeline for Iraqi Oil” by Ed Vuillamy

7. “U.S. Puppet Chalabi Seeks Iraq-Israel Oil Pipeline” by various

8. “Whose War?” by Patrick J. Buchanan

9. American taxpayer money that funds a mother load of injustice

10. “Thomas Jefferson Calling” by John Kaminski

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