Why shouldn't we give Israel more money, they are our best friend in the Middle East right? Here is a list of some of the things that they have done for us to earn this money.

Let's start in 1967 when they attacked the USS Liberty. The US ship was monitoring a UN backed ceasefire when Israel "preemptively" attacked its neighbors. It was during a ceasefire and they didn't want the world to know what they were doing so they attacked the US hoping to sink the ship and kill everyone on it. The whole thing was kept hush hush, but just search the web and you'll find many references to it including a website maintained by the crew of the USS Liberty.

Here is a quick synopsis http://home.cfl.rr.com/gidusko/liberty/

or go directly to the USS Liberty Crew's site http://www.ussliberty.org/

They have repeatedly violated UN resolutions, Geneva conventions rules and only avoided sanctions because the US has repeatedly vetoed resolutions against Israel...showing the world just who runs the US.

Here is a quick list of some of them: http://www.us-israel.org/jsource/UN/usvetoes.html

or try this one which is a list of resolutions ignored by Israel before 1993 (66 at that time more since then)

And why shouldn't we help them build up their military. especially under Ariel Sharon who has ordered mass murder on a scale to rival Saddam Hussein. He was directly responsible for the massacres at Sabra and Shatilla and even the Israeli courts said he was indirectly responsible and forced him to step down from his position of head of the military.

Here is a very sanitized version of this event. http://www.globalpolicy.org/intljustice/general/2001/0623hrw.htm

You can get more detailed versions by searching the web, especially UN reports (to remove bias). Dutch film crews even filmed Israel Defense personnel forcing people back into the camps to be massacred and put the death toll at approximately 3,000.

The ways we can assist Israel in building their military would be to continue what we have been doing in the past. For instance:

USA gave Israel the F-16 designs so that Israel could build the LAVI...result was fewer jobs for Americans and Israel then sold the designs to China. http://www.mideastfacts.com/9601012.html

This cost the US taxpayers billions as well as jeopardizes our current and future security.

USA gave AWACS technology to Israel and Israel wanted to sell it to China (created major rift between Washington and Israel that was only settled after Israel stopped planned sale) Lots of links to this on the web...just search

USA gave Patriot missile technology to Israel for the joint USA/Israel Arrow missile. Israel sold patriot missile technology to others. The ARROW uses the same tracking technology as the patriot but kills in a different method (hit to kill vs. explode in vicinity)

There are several more of these that I can't remember right now.

OH yeah and how did I forget Pollard. The American selling defense secrets to Israel. Israel has repeatedly asked the US to release him and has even put additional money in a bank account for him when he gets out (giving us technology...more like stealing it)

In return for all this help Israel has really helped us out, such as:

Israel has given us the second biggest lobbying organization in Washington. We give them a few billion every year and then they funnel a few million back to US election campaigns...what a deal.

Take all the payments to Israel in the last 35 years, correct for interest payments that US government is paying on deficit and then adjust to current dollars and it is somewhere between $300 and $400 billion US.

Then divide that by the 5 million Israeli citizens and it is $60,000 to $80,000 per citizens that we have given them. Or look at it this way...it is about equal to this years budget deficit. Or, to put it in more perspective, divide it by the population of the USA and it is about $1,200 given for each US Citizen. Or, more importantly about $6,000 for each current US taxpayer.

Oh, yeah and just in case I don't feel that I've contributed enough with my $12,000 (wife and I combined) there is a special law allowing me to make tax free contributions to Israel. Last year over $1billion given by private citizens. That is fine if private citizens want to give their money .except that by making it tax free they cost US over $300 million in taxes that could have been collected. Note this money is tax exempt no matter how Israel decides to use it. Including buying bulldozers that run over American Peace activists.

And now because of our extremely biased foreign policies (why does the rest of the world condemn Israel for its policies, yes, including our number one ally, Great Britain but the US never says a thing?) we have a terrorist problem that is costing us much more than the $75 billion bill just passed (with $8 billion more going to Israel because their economy is bad. What about our economy?)

Am I a peace activist ? Nope. I believe if somebody attacks us we should make them pay dearly. Am I anti Jewish or Anti Arab. Nope I am anti-anybody who attacks me either directly or indirectly. Am I pro Arab or Pro Jewish. Definitely not, I am Pro American (absolutely against duel citizenship as I don't know how you can pledge allegiance to more than one country).

Our unbiased backing of Israel is not Pro American and not one good thing has come of it.



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Why We Should Give Israel More
By gogovialink


Posted on the Independent Newswire on 6 April 2003.
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