In 2001, the Washington Times ran a story about a 68 page research paper issued by the Army School of Advanced Military Studies (SAMS). The research was compiled by 60 US Army officers as an attempt to predict the possible outcomes of deploying a US force to maintain peace between the Israel and Palestinians. Here's what SAMS had to say about the Israeli military machine:

"A 500 pound gorilla in Israel. Well armed and trained. Operates in both Gaza and the West Bank. Known to disregard international law to accomplish mission"

Of Israel's Mossad, the officers issued this warning:

"Wildcard. Ruthless and cunning. Has capability to target US forces and make it look like a Palestinian Arab act." (emphasis added)

Why does the US, which is trillions of dollars in debt, give away billions of taxpayer dollars to a foreign government whose military violates international laws and whose Mossad is capable of murdering US troops in order to frame Arabs? Have we lost our minds?

At this early juncture of this manuscript, it is hoped that the inquiring reader has already begun to ask himself: "Why have I never heard of these amazing events? I read newspapers. I watch the evening news, CNN, and all the Sunday morning talk shows. I read the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. I never miss an episode of "60 Minutes". I watch the History Channel. I consider myself a well informed and educated citizen. Why was I never told about the Balfour Declaration, or the King David Hotel, or Deir Yassin? Why was I never told that Kennedy and Einstein publicly condemned Menachem Begin as a terrorist? Why was I never told of the Lavon Affair, or of the attack on the USS Liberty, or that Libya was framed by the Mossad? Why haven't I seen this Victor Ostrovsky fellow on TV?"

This puzzling question will be addressed in the next chapter. Believe me.
You ain't heard nothin' yet! The worst is yet to come.

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STRANGER THAN FICTION - An Independent Investigation of 911 and the War on Terrorism

By: Dr. Albert D. Pastore Ph.D.

Here is the latest update on that terrorist list you've been asking for, Mr. President. Can you please send it to the Office for Homeland security? I know they will listen to you.

By Deception Thou Shalt Make War – Mossad
By Dr. Albert D. Pastore

Posted on the Independent Newswire on 7 May 2003.