The Sickness of the Media
A political, propaganda machine, vs. objectivity

The Cunningly Deceptive and Abominable CIA et al, Mossad Included
Dark forces always work in secrecy and under cover. They always want secrecy. They have now enacted secrecy at the top levels of the U.S. government.

The Zionist Hate Machine
Authentic Jews and organizations have condemned the wrongness of Zionism (and the state of Israel itself) as contrary to Judaism

American Republic’s Unhealthy Intertwinement with the State of Israel
Racism and bigotry overpowers the Constitutional Republic’s Founding Principles

The Supremacy and Reach of the Planet-Searing Pentagon
No peoples through their hard-earned money should be asked to fund a monolith that not only forfeits their well being and Constitutional rights and freedoms, but also destroys the ecology of the Planet, and has the capacity to destroy the whole world.

The Immorality of U.S. Foreign Policy And Hitler-Like Domestic Policy
It pointedly destroys, causes despair, degrades the moral character and imprisons the human spirit

The Power Behind a Destructive World
The Not Nice, New World Order People

An Unhealthy Kind of Globalization
And a Money System that is Designed to Enslave

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