The Cunningly Deceptive and Abominable CIA et al, Mossad Included

Dark forces always work in secrecy and under cover. They always want secrecy. They have now enacted secrecy at the top levels of the U.S. government.

1. “The Death of Democracy in America [and the World]: The Mass Media Plays Military Cheerleader” by Glen T. Martin

2. “A Timeline of CIA Atrocities” by Steve Kangas

3. “Footprints in the Dust: Signs of Connections Between the CIA and WTC Attack” by John Chuckman

4. “Who is Guilty of the September 11 Attacks?” by

5. Mind Control and the Non-Adherence to the U.S. Constitution - A Solid Step to World Tyranny. A Note by Dick Eastman


When the military and intelligence organizations pair up in the notion of “military-business-intelligence industrial complex” (i.e. many inputs, one output, see Axis of Evil Pie Menu, Item 666, Section B, A Money System that Destroys and Enslaves, article entitled, “The Global Elite’s Social Engineering Document” heading entitled ‘Industrial Diagrams’) we find valid, vital and legitimate democratic concerns, such as when:

Groups of environmental rights activists, human rights activists and chemtrail activists ask where is the missing vital element of the role of human freedom in the military’s use of exotic weapons, mind control, pyschotronic weapons, tectonic weapons, weather modification, ELF, ULF, et al on the human populace without consent? Ref:

Social Conditioning Weapons

Just as we find the above document, “The Global Elite’s Social Engineering Document” as a plan for social conditioning, so do we find the development of mind control weapons for use on the public as an extension of the global elite’s plan for social conditioning -- with the end result to control and enslave humanity in an automaton type existence.

“Many people who are affected by such ruling class [global elite] tactics tend to refer to such weapons as ‘mind control’ weapons. We believe the term is misleading. We believe society, based and created by social constructs--[through] an outer imposed force--functions as a form of social conditioning. Therefore such ‘non lethal’ weapons exist to further such conditioning and therefore control” --

“The dangers are obvious; these weapons and devices interfere with the human mental process and modify behavior and emotional response. … This technology is also a system of intimidation and control that can be used as an economic or political influencing device“.

Know Your Government

6. An excerpt of an article on government psychological operations (psyops) and related links.

How did government get to be adversarial to the public--to us, to our interests, to our safety and security and to our general well being? We thought we had done away with Nazi ideas and thought at the end of WWII, but it lives on in the (darkness and dark cover of) major intelligence agencies.

“The CIA recruited Nazis ‘for their expertise in propaganda and psychological warfare.’ They [also] have experience in playing public opinion like a tool” -- Whisper on the Independent Newswire


Or see, CIA Operation Paper Clip in the Internet search engine

The “Campaign for Freedom” Through the “War on Terrorism” is Bogus

In the research and use of mind control weapons by the American government (including the Department of Defense HAARP technology -- the “campaign for freedom” is a bogus notion when we find that our freedoms have not yet been won and secured, where World War II did not end Nazi ideas and thought, but was recruited and lives on in the intelligence agencies in conjunction with the US Defense Department where it is adversarial to democracy and free thought.

And A Sham

In the face of mind control weapons, the “War on Terror” for freedom and independent thinking as such is a diabolical sham on the American public, but what is even more diabolical (but really is the next step in its processes) is that the CIA and Mossad are insanely adversarial to the nation itself, when part of their work is to blow up American Embassies [and, through facts that cannot be ignored, capable of other American targets, such as the WTC].

States killing their own citizens for war and money

7. “Intelligence Affidavit” by Robert M. Haynes

CIA/Mossad Orchestrated Suicide Bombings

8. “Friday’s Jerusalem Blast Was a Mossad/CIA Operation.” Source: U.S. Department of State

In the conclusion and finding of this Menu, the CIA, and its relationship with Mossad, is a domestic enemy of the United States, its Constitution and its people.

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