TOP_VIEW has received an urgent message from a source with the US State Department. This individual has already provided us (and thus our readers) with crucial information concerning the CURRENT and ONGOING funneling of weapons and war (bomb) materiel to Islamic extremist organizations in occupied territories, with which "suicide bombings" are being carried out -- generally with Mossad assistance.

This source, who's had a long career in foreign affairs and is presently with the Middle East affairs desk at State, says he first got wind on Thursday of this extraordinarily diabolical plan being hatched by Sharon and the Mossad with the cooperation of certain rabidly Zionist/NWO factions of the CIA, but at first discounted it as probable rumor and gum-flapping.

The plan was that shortly after Powell's scheduled meetings with Sharon and other top Israel officials Friday, a bomb was to be detonated in a Jerusalem open-air market -- by a operative who'd been THOROUGHLY brainwashed, programmed and fully trained and equipped by the Mossad AND the CIA. AGAIN: the bomb was NOT detonated by a young Palestinian girl named Nidal Daraghmeh.

Nidal Daraghmeh, whom Israeli officials have CLAIMED perpetrated the bombing, had IN FACT been previously kidnapped and murdered by the Mossad -- and some of her body parts removed, to be planted at the scene of the bombing so as to pin the act upon this hapless, brutalized Palestinian. The actual detonation was carried out by a zombified,wholly mind-controlled CIA/Mossad operative.

Indeed, exactly on schedule, just as Powell and Sharon had concluded meeting with Israeli Defense Minister Ben Eliezer -- during which Powell had been heavily ambushed and browbeaten by a very aggressive and callous cadre of hard-core Sharonista propagandizers, and were about to chopper to the Israel-Lebanon border and POSSIBLY to visit some camps and villages recently devastated by the Israeli blitzkrieg, word came that the bomb had been set off at Mehane Yehuda market as planned, resulting in seven Israeli deaths and scores wounded.

In fact, as the bomb went off, Ben Eliezer immediately turned to Powell and said "You see? THIS is the welcome the Palestinians give you."

Needless to say: Any plans for Powell to visit Palestinian camps turned to hell-on-earth by the Israeli offensive were immediately SCRAPPED, as was the scheduled Saturday meeting with Arafat.

IT WAS ALL A MOSSAD/CIA set-up; intended to throw the Powell "peace mission" into utter disarray, further discredit the Palestinian cause and especially Arafat himself, sway world opinion back toward Israel, shut the shrub up, and so on.


Furthermore, our state Department source has told us that according to information he now realizes was/is credible, there are certain to be many more such staged, scripted "incidents" -- specifically engineered for maximum shock value and psychological impact -- immediately AFTER Powell leaves; to ENSURE that any possible slight breakthroughs he may have managed to broker in stopping the horrific cycle of violence -- any faint glimmers of peace and/or resolution -- will be thoroughly and irrevocably scuttled.

Our source informs us as well that a well-known Israeli political figure, who must for now remain nameless, may very well be a target -- and very conveniently so for the Sharon/Netanyahu axis -- in one of these Mossad/CIA Sharonista upcoming staged "suicide" bomber attacks.

Our source urges us to point out, however, that certain Islamic factions and groups, some perhaps with no links to US or Israeli "black ops" intelligence sectors, are certainly responsible for carrying out some of the suicide bomb attacks.

The Bigger Picture


Friday Jerusalem Blast a Mossad/CIA Operation
Source: U.S. Department of State Official

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