A Solid Step to World Tyranny

We live in an age of scientific brainwashing that is far advanced from the already powerful technologies of the Pavlovian scientists who broke our prisoners and extracted confessions that the U.S. was using germ warfare during the Korean conflict in the early 1950s.

Mossad and the CIA can get any of those prisoners to become as thorough a piece of disinformation as the fake bin Laden interview the Bush administration attempted to foist upon the world two months ago.

The Constitution [states] that all crimes committed against the U.S. be tried by jury in the jurisdiction where the crime was committed. If the government believes the men they have kidnapped from Afghanistan are guilty of the WTC crashbombings, then the law of the land requires extradition to New York and Washington D.C. where the two crashbombings took place.

To say that "we don’t want another O.J. Simpson circus" -- really amounts to this: "We don't want a fair trial -- we don't want a possibility of those we have kidnapped being found innocent." Every thinking man knows that.

Every thinking man knows that the opinion polls are as fraudulent as the bin Laden video tape -- that the monopoly media's lies are totally empty and disbelieved by all persons who make it their business to follow events closely and to check facts for consistency.

Those Afghan's with their beards shaven and fed on bagels and cream cheese and kept out of doors all night [in Cuba] -- must be brought to the United States. Nothing is more important for the American people than this right now.

Mind Control and the Non-Adherence
To the U.S. Constitution - A Solid Step to World Tyranny

A Note By Dick Eastman
24 January 2002

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