Conspiracy? You're soaking in it.

Hitler maintained that the size of the lie is directly proportional to the public's willingness to accept it. To imagine that the US government would willingly commit mass murder (or be complicit in letting such a murder “slip through the cracks”) is so horrific that even many committed radicals would surely have trouble believing it, no matter how true. The people living near Auschwitz could not believe that the stench from a neighboring industrial site was the smell of human flesh charred in a factory of death. Surely, most of the German public found it too harrowing to believe that the Nazis themselves set the Reichstag fire.

It is one thing to accept the horror of American policy beyond its borders. It is another, as an American citizen, to fathom the possibility that domestic subjects of the empire (as it were) are not exempt from similar policies. To contemplate such a reality is to contemplate the extent to which our daily lives express complicity with such a colossal crime. To contemplate the possibility that Bush and others had a fore knowledge of the 9/11 attacks is to contemplate a pressing need for radical action and radical change.

I agree that conspiracy theories can lead us to wild and unfounded conclusions. But it is not a theory that the official explanation of the events on September 11 is a highly unlikely scenario. It is not a theory that the Bush administration has called for strict limits on the investigations of the 9/11 tragedy. It is not a theory that the US joint chiefs of staff recommended to Kennedy the implementation of fraudulent domestic terrorism to justify an invasion of Cuba. It is not a theory that a veil of secrecy falls upon every aspect of the crimes of 9/11. Access to the rubble is limited. Access to air traffic communications is limited. Access to executive records is limited, etc., etc., etc…

And yet, to presume that this is a domestic crime, in many ways, would simply be a most dramatic expression of a system that usually kills or destroys people in a more sublime manner. How many Americans, for instance, have been killed by the haze of poison in cancer alley or the nuclear toxins spewed across Nevada? How many people, who are guilty of nothing more than getting high, rot away in jail?

Let us continue to push an open discussion about the very real possibility that the current administration and its cohorts in the military, the CIA, etc. are complicit in a mass murder of the domestic population. It is not a distraction from the "real work". It is very much a part of the real work. For if these so called wild allegations are true, we have good reason to be alarmed and need to act accordingly.

It is always that margins who force the push for change and transformation, not the voices who moderate their message. Our daily conversations are that very work. This is the effort needed to disrupt our sleep of denial, and we should not relent. Our lives may depend on it.

Regarding the Unthinkable
By UnMe

Posted on the Independent Newswire on 8 March 2002

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