“With facts like these, who needs a conspiracy”

Coincidence Theory Freaks Watch Too Much TV
by Anon
An Excerpt

…. In summation, coincidence theorists do not see a correlation between corporate profits and war, conspiracy theorists do. The next time someone calls you a conspiracy theorist because you are attempting to draw the correlation between corporate profits and war, call them a coincidence theorist. This will challenge them in an insightful manner.

'Conspiracy theory,' when well founded on historical research, current events reporting, and the revealing of existent conspiracies between organizations or individuals should be more correctly called 'conspiracy history.' Examples would be Watergate, the Freemasonic nature of the Republic of America, the Illuminati nature of the French Revolution, etc. Proveable, revealed conspiracies and their histories should not be dumped into the 'theorist' camp, but into World History textbooks

Dear David Corn
by Converse Murdoch 9:49pm Tue Mar 5 '02

The essence of your argument is that people in the US govt. aren't organized enough or bold enough to pull it off [the WTC attacks]. They wouldn't dare--trust you--you know them. These are all rebuttable presumptions.

So people in the US govt. couldn't do it but a bunch of guys living in caves could. Yeah right! Your argument is pretty weak.

Your character reference for people in govt. is laughable. From what I've seen of this pack of gangsters in govt. they are organized enough, they are bold enough, they can keep secrets, and they can pull off elaborate schemes.

So What Are You Saying?
by J YEAG 10:22pm Tue Mar 5 '02

That conspiracies don't exist? Watergate was a conspiracy. The Iran-Contra scandal was a conspriacy. The S&L crisis was a thousand conspiracies. Certainly conspiracies exist; there is even a legal definition of conspiracy.

You must believe in coincidence theory, which postulates that everything happens in random fashion with nothing being connected to anything else.

Have you ever heard of "Operation Northwoods"? That was a conspiracy planned by governmental agencies during the Kennedy administration. Their plans ranged from hijacking airplanes to blowing up monuments of national significance and placing the blame on Cuba. Do you need more evidence that the federal government doesn't give two shits about sacrificing American lives in furtherance of their own objectives? How about the evidence that Roosevelt had prior knowledge of the Pearl Harbor attack and didn't warn the commanding admirals? American presidents had no problem sending tens of thousands of young kids to their deaths in Vietnam while quietly acknowledging that the war could not be won.

As for this nonsense that Bush would never risk being considered the most evil president of all time, the truth is there is no risk involved at all. He would simply do what all of the other presidents before him have done - plausibly deny any involvement. The American public, not wanting to acknowledge that a president of theirs could possibly be involved in such horrific behavior, would gladly accept this and move on as if nothing had happened. It's what got Reagan and Bush off-- of the hook for the Iran-Contra conspiracy. Like father like son.

by Jordan Thornton 10:40pm Tue Mar 5 '02

"The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous, he refuses to believe that it exists" - J. Edgar Hoover

The Central Intelligence Agency, as is well documented, was initially staffed by the Gestapo. That is where the Agency got its operating tactics, and how it was able to profit from the knowledge gained by the Nazis' unspeakable research on live human beings. The Bu$h family can be directly linked to the rise of Hitler and his Nazi party.

Not evil enough? Come on. That presumption is just silly, especially given the patterns of evil even you admit exist.

This is more than simply about oil. It is about justifying a "war on terror", which is really about destroying opposition for the New World Order, and its goals of global domination. It is about countless new powers and billions of dollars, handed almost without question, to powerful men who profit from war.

The present Elite, the architects of said Order, rigged a national election, despite quantitative proof disproving the results, a multi-million dollar study of all votes, including over and undervotes, conducted and then swept under the table by CNN and the NY Times.

I work in the media, and I know that scoops such as this are not put in a desk drawer and ignored without damn good (well, bad...) reason.

I realize how outrageous this all sounds, but that is exactly why it succeeds. It is the "big lie" that Hitler's advisors spoke of.

Not evil enough? You've got to be joking.

As someone familiar with intelligence, you no doubt have had some contact with the US military, as have I. Riddle me this then: Why was there no IMMEDIATE military response?

Moreso, why was there no military response FOR OVER AN HOUR? The US military does not operate that way. They respond with force, and ask questions later. No exception.... unless orders were issued to prevent this response.

What's your theory? That everything's fine right now? That we are being led by the best and the brightest, the true leaders who have earned their places of power? Do you believe the rhetoric they spew?

They are criminals, who profit directly from war, from death, destruction, and misery. There is no honour in war, as they would have you believe. War is evil. Period.

AND THESE MEN PROFIT FROM IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The new defence money Bu$h is proposing? Goes directly into his family's pockets, and those of his friends and connections. Look into that, before just posting a story calling us all idiots.

You have bought into their rhetoric. Right now, somewhere, they are having a laugh at your expense.

Please do some digging before you return here. You may just find it enlightening.

With Facts Like This…
by cedd 4:42am Wed Mar 6 '02

As someone said,
"With facts like this, who needs conspiracy theories?"

Referring to Buzz Krongard doing insider trading a few hours before the attacks; referring to the stand down order given to aricafts at Andrews, only 10 miles away from the Pentagon… etc.

Regarding the "coincidence theorists", maybe an accurate dubbing would be "Coincidence Terrorists", because of the chatter like "see, I've asked the FBI to not investigate /bin Laden/ but it's just a coincidence, I've given stand down orders to USAF but it's just a coincidence that it was the same day as the attacks, the #3 guy at the CIA did some speculation on the fall of the UA stocks but it's just a coincidence that he did so one day before the attacks and pocketted $2.5 million afterwards" (or rather, didn't since the insider trading was exposed by the independant).


Posted on the Independent Newswire on 5 March 2002 Ref: www.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=145197&group=webcast

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