“Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the U.S., in the field of commerce and manufacturing, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it” -- President Woodrow Wilson, The New Freedom, 1913

The Age of Armageddon and the Age of Enlightenment

In the turn of the Third Millennium we find ourselves in two epochs: The Age of Armageddon and the New Age of Enlightenment. These two epochs are not mutually exclusive and are thoroughly related:

In the Age of Armageddon it is the fight of the dark powers over the light. But it is not now a physical battle that involves violent battles or war--as the dark powers would have us believe--instead, in the Age of Armageddon it is a spiritual battle that vies for the hearts and minds of humanity.

The dark wishes to subdue humanity, and its method is by deception. The light wishes to free humanity and its method is by enlightenment--hence the Age of Enlightenment. The dark will deceive by all means--it will lead by deceit, control, secrecy, death and destruction. It will cause confusion and fear and divide one against the other--or where there had been peace, there will now be war, or where there had been harmony, there will now be hate. Its ultimate aim is to try to trap and catch souls, for it is a demon eager to lord it over its kingdom with obedient, spiritless human slaves.

The light, on the other hand, will simply appeal to the common sense and good sense of humanity in a way that expands the soul; it [is a truth that] will speak intimately to the individual and to the whole. It is subtle and delicate and, at the same time it catches us, it must be caught. Its effects are unity, goodwill, courage and joy for all. It is a reality and vision waiting to be born, and it is as real as its effects. Its future is open-ended, magical and uplifting.

Enlightenment is the Weapon for the Victory of Armageddon

As the Age of Enlightenment awakens us into a truth--a truth that is real to us as an individual as it is for the whole--it has provided us the weapon to fight the fight for our very souls. As we have to use our head to get out of danger or dangerous situations, we now have to use our head to get out of dangerous times.

Why We Decided -- Or Were Spontaneously Propelled Into Paying Attention to the Truth of the Unravelling of the “Official” Story of 9-11

In our desire and our drive to stand up for the rights of the Planet and her people as a whole, we were “thrown” -- as were many others of the same drive -- by the events of 9-11. All issues of importance to the continuation of life on the Planet in a humane and just way had been “steam-rolled” aside, or pushed back and buried so as to have no more significance in the life of the Planet and in people’s lives. That in itself, we can say, is very telling. It was as though everything good, humane, just and true was being snuffed out in the favor of war, hate and even more degradation of life--the dark powers, indeed, being at their most forceful. Our view, indeed, is of the light, and as is also depicted by the statements and symbols above and below that frames this site. Where there is dark we wish to bring light, or where there is deceit, we wish to stand with and for the truth. Hence our attraction to the deceit of 9-11.

Teaching and Learning from Each Other

Being a people’s site, we were and are hearing the voice of the people. In their many voices, insights and articles on 9-11, and the events surrounding it, we found and together unearthed--and how fortunate we are--the plans of those evil people who have long conspired against us.

In the Age of Enlightenment, all that was secret or hidden in the past and present comes to the surface. All lies are seen, and all deceits are exposed. It is like the ground is retreating to expose the sewer underneath.

All people and organizations who have come on this site in any way, shape and form have carried a piece to the puzzle that has unravelled the course of the past, present and future--not separately but in a simultaneous instance, which is presenting a future that will no longer be open-ended. But what is most important, right now, in this Phase 1 of the site, is that what has been discovered, or un-covered is the form or shape of the thing that has remained hidden, and indeed, in this turn of the new millennium, in the Age of Armageddon, we find it is the long prophesied Beast.

We Have Got Their Number - 666

Together, we have unearthed the thing that has prevented us--past, present and future--from going in the direction of light - of what is good, true, joyful and expansive. It is instead against humanity, our individual humanity and all life. It is the devil’s number of 666. It works to devolve, to de-construct and to destroy, not only all on the Planet, but the truth of our being and the being of life--all through deceit.

Nailing Their Number - 666

St. John said in Revelations 13:18, “Let him who has understanding reckon the number of The Beast”. Let us go forward and recap the reality that has formed or shown itself through the hundreds of articles and insights that have emerged from 9-11 in Phase 1 of this site.

Exposing the Beast - One

1. Crime [of WTC and Pentagon Attacks] Does Not Fit the Pattern of a Terrorist

2. But Fits the Pattern of Government Misdoing

3. With the Usual [Mischief-Making] Government Agencies

4. Who Work for the World Conspiracy**

5. Of Domination by the Global Financiers to Enslave Humanity

6. Through the Current Weak Link of Believing What We are Told to Believe, Rather Than Thinking for Ourselves

**Nation-states are beholden to a larger group of players. They are the highly secretive and influential “Council on Foreign Relations”, The “Trilateral Commission” and the “Bilderberg Group.”

[See who and what they are in The Not Nice New World Order People Menu.]

9-11 has essentially been the orchestrated trigger event to take over and turn the world into a Global Fascist Police State.

[See Declaring Independence and a State of Global Rebellion Menu for the so-called U.S. A’s “Patriot Act” (being essentially an attack on the liberties and rights of man) and the other attacks on the Constitutions of other Western countries in Fascisizing the World, Shoot to Kill, Nation-States Line Up to the New SS World Order, Attacking the Democratic Constitutions Menu.]

Exposing the Beast - Two

St. Paul said in Ephesians, “… We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places” (6:12). The Beast is therefore not a physical entity or person as such, but in a spiritual battle, is more insidious. How are we, humanity, “being taken” in a democracy? It seems as though they have planned it for a while.

[See A Money System that Destroys and Enslaves Menu and Fascisizing the World, Shoot to Kill, Nation-States Line Up to the New SS World Order, Attacking the Democratic Constitutions Menu.]

Through the Central Command of the Secretive Groups:

1. First Destroy the Country Financially

2. Create an Event or Catastrophe to Which You Can React to, then Provide Your Own Solution that Suits Your Own [Fascist] Designs

3. Have Your Domestic and Foreign Policy Ready to Go

4. Under All Circumstances, Stay Secret - the Media are With You

5. Get the Nation-States to Join in on the Band Wagon of the Global SS by Implementing “Terrorist” laws

6. Create Fear, “Talk Up Fear” and an Environment of Constant Fear

Those in high places seem to “talk noble,” but the Beast we now know disguises itself in a noble cause and a noble facade, while all the while sowing seeds of fear, control, tyranny, death and destruction upon the Planet and upon humanity (-- “by their fruits ye shall know them” -- Matthew 7:20).

Exposing the Beast - Three

If we sketched out the Body of this Beast, as we glean the essence of the information in the articles and insights in Phase 1 of this site, we would find:

The right horn would be The Banks/Economic Establishment
The left horn would be Corporate Fascism/Cronyism/Crime
The first prong on its pitchfork would be The Government
The middle prong The Corporate Media
And the third prong The Zionist Deception

These five parts of the Body of the Beast are interlocking functions and work as an “organic” whole. It is the reason why their conspiracy against humanity has so far been so successful, and at the same time, has been able to remain hidden. Their advantage has also been in the fact that was put down to the Director of the FBI in the 1930’s, J. Edgar Hoover, "The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with conspiracy so monstrous, he refuses to believe that it exists."

Right, but now we are in the Age of Enlightenment, the time is ripe, the tides are retreating, higher forces are about, and our minds are seasoned. We must move forward in The Awakening to regain our Planet. Now that we have broken the code of the Beast in “Exposing the Beast - One, Two and Three,” how do we break the will of the Beast?

Do A Little Reflection

In the present circumstances and state of the world, see the repeating patterns of history.

[Item 4 of the Phase 1 Menu, “Masses of Emotionalism in Overblown Patriotism Why?"]

Read the Menus and articles in Phase 1 of the site, do a reality check and see for yourself -- for that is the understanding St. John refers to in Revelations 13:18 that will “reckon the number of the Beast”. A reckoning means “to compute”, a “settling of an account” and it is by our understanding alone do we refuse the reality that has long since been foisted upon us in a most deceptive and underhanded manner--and which has now been exposed for what it is in the breaking of its code.

The weapon the New Age of Enlightenment has given us is indeed a sharpened and a heightened sense of understanding, and it must be used, as the Beast is, in the orchestrated 9-11 turn of events, in its full and final lunge to achieve its objectives. If we allow it to lunge it will take us to the point of no return. No return to what? To the ideals of life, liberty, freedom, happiness, brotherly love, expansion of spirit, unlimited creativity (vs. unlimited destruction) and general well being.

Right now, NewWorldPeace.com is also in the reflective stage. In Phases 2, 3 and 4 -- in “Assimilate”, “Assert”, and “Begin!” it will take up, reinforce and empower the people's fight: their rightful destiny and future in this new light of the new millennium.

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