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Capitalism is a manifestation of a spiritually bereft people. We seek to fill the gaping hole in our souls with the gratification of our senses through ownership of novel pieces of property, for which we are gladly willing to trade green portraits of dead, slave-owning, native-killing white fascists that represent our lives sold to employers hour by hour, year by year. This system of money representing our lives [through] time in exchange for objects we don't really need to survive is bad enough without considering that we also must trade our time for the things that we do need to survive, things that have been bestowed on us by nature, things that exist to be free to all life, the fruits of our earth, like nourishing milk from our mother's body.

Consider how outrageous it is that you must pay to live on your own planet! And in the off time, the time when we are away from our mundane and menial jobs, we are subjected to torrents of mind numbing bombardment of advertisements telling us that we must Buy! Buy! Buy! To be worthy! To be cool! To be sexy! The subjection to all of this, added to the total inhumanity of most of our lives, creates a very vicious cycle of consumption to satiate our already eroded and damaged sense. The more we are subjected to, the more we need to consume to feel gratified, exactly like junkies chasing their first high, until we are hollow, pathetic husks, shells of what god or nature or the universe intended our species to be.

We allow our vitality to be leached out to sustain a system that exists to perpetuate the comfort and wealth of a very small group of people on the planet. And this is the purposeful destruction of our souls. This is why 11 year olds shoot each other for their shoes. WE are crying out at the pain and numbness in our souls, and the reverberations of our cries are shaking our civilizations to pieces! And we are infecting the whole planet with our sickness. We need to smash this culture! We need to travel backward down the pathology of the creation of our egos and plant a bomb at their source, for the sake of everything!

We, the human species, have been singled out by nature to be the bearers of the creative life force, we have been given the power to make the most breathtaking of dreams come to gasping life. We must realize that in order to achieve these, dreams, we must destroy the most potent adversary we will ever face: our own egos and our own fears. Will we let the nightmares of a few old, scared men hold back the birthright of our people?


Fight for Humanity
By Thomas Paine

Posted on the Independent Newswire on 5 March 2002

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